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Z-Wave Pro

What the Z-Wave Pro?

At Advanced Dermatology of New York, we feature the most advanced body contouring and cellulite reduction treatments available. Our office is proud to offer optimal results by utilizing the Zimmer Z-Wave Pro device. Our dermatologists use the safe sound wave technology to address and correct lax skin, cellulite, stretch marks or scarring. This state-of-the-art advancement also compliments body contouring results after CoolSculpting®, Laser, Fraxel and Ultrasound sessions. The device utilizes Radial Pulse Therapy(RPT) to tighten the body’s connective tissues, resulting in faster recovery and more efficient results.

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Maximize your CoolSculpting results with Z-Wave Pro

The Zimmer Z-Wave has many advantages. Our New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey dermatologists often recommend this device because it compliments other procedures. A few benefits of the Z-Wave Pro device include:

  • Zero down-time recovery
  • Non-invasive treatment (no lasers, incisions)
  • Gentle, quick and well-tolerated treatments
  • Completely customizable to achieve contour goals
  • Long-lasting results
  • Beautiful outcome every time
  • No scarring

Individuals who seek correction for loose skin, cellulite and stubborn fat pockets are generally ideal candidates for the Z-Wave Pro. The procedure can be implemented adjunct to other technologies, or as a standalone to improve skin structure. During your consultation, the dermatologist will decide if you’re a good candidate for this innovative technology.

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Z-Wave Pro Treatment

Treatment for sagging skin, excess weight, body-contouring or enhancing your appearance is quick and easy. At Advanced Dermatology, it’s our job to help patients reverse the signs of aging. During our exclusive Z-Wave treatment in NYC and NJ, our doctor will deliver a series of precise doses of radial pulses directly into tissue. The sound waves dissolve connective tissue and fibrous structures to rebuild the skin’s delicate structure, dramatically improving the appearance of your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Zimmer ZWave® work?

The technology transmits high-energy acoustic waves to transform collagen and tissue beneath the skin’s surface. When administered properly, the strong emissions stimulate collagen and promote firmer and tigher skin. The device transmits dual waves of radial energy to target both fat cells and structures responsible for the development of cellulite. By uniquely targeting two areas at once, the structure is successfully destroyed.

How many sessions will you need?

Patients generally experience optimal aesthetic results after 10 Z-Wave® treatments. Each session takes about 30 minutes of your time, after-which, patients are free to resume regularly scheduled activities.

Which areas can be treated with the Zimmer Z-Wave®?

The Z-Wave® most often targets areas known to develop cellulite. These areas normally include the- arms, buttock, abdomen and thighs. Our technology can also compliment fat reduction procedures such as CoolSculpting® and offer significantly greater results.

Choose Advanced Dermatology for your Zimmer Z-Wave® aesthetic treatment

If you are interested in a body-contouring or cellulite removal treatment and would like to know more about the Zimmer Z-Wave® procedure, contact one of our offices today. Our expert dermatologists treat patients in New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester counties, and New Jersey.

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