Intensif Microneedle Treatment

Intensif Microneedle Treatment

What is Intensif Microneedle Treatment?

Do you suffer from scarring, wrinkles or other visible skin damage on your face, neck or chest areas? Advanced Dermatology features the Intensif Microneedle, a revolutionary treatment option which works to revitalize and refresh your skin’s natural appearance. The handheld device creates infinitesimal holes on the surface of your skin, into which short pulses of RF energy are delivered through. This advanced treatment option can be used to tighten skin in your face and arms, enhance facial volume and minimize traumatic scars on your body.
The energy stimulates collagen and elastin growth, essentially erasing scarring and reversing the effects of aging. This FDA-approved technology works on all skin types, regardless of ethnicity or color, because there is no burning involved. The depth this innovative device is able to reach within minutes is truly remarkable and vital in its ability to heal each layer of your skin. After undergoing an Intensif Microneedle Treatment at one of our offices, you will notice firmer and tighter skin. This innovative technology has allowed us to help patients develop rejuvenated skin without the hindrance of significant downtime.
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Benefits of Intensif Microneedle Treatment

  • Effective on all skin types
  • Encourages natural production of collagen and elastin
  • Very little discomfort or downtime
  • Shrinks dilated pores and minimizes wrinkles
  • Treatment results last up to one year


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Before, During and After your Intensif Microneedle Treatment

  • Before: Our clinical team will prepare your skin with a thorough cleanse and a topical anesthetic to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Once the numbing gel has done the trick, we massage hyaluronic acid onto your skin so the Intensif procedure yields maximum results.
  • During: As the physician moves the hand-held device over your treatment areas, you may feel a warming or slight stinging sensation. The physician gently glides the sterile device over treatment regions, creating tiny penetrations so energy is evenly dispersed throughout the skin. As layers of the skin are penetrated, collagen and elastin begin to regenerate.
  • After: Immediately following treatment it’s normal to experience slight redness, this should subside within a few days. We’re excited to say your results will present themselves within the months after Intensif and your next treatment can be immediately scheduled.
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Why choose Advanced Dermatology?

Featuring some of the most highly trained experts in the field of cosmetic surgery, Advanced Dermatology is proud to be one of the only Intensif providers in the NY & NY area. We feature dermal procedures, state-of-the-art treatments which are performed only after extensive training. With doctors always up to date in all of the newest technologies, we are excited to present this advanced treatment to you!

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