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Pixel CO2 Laser Treatment

What is the Pixel CO2 Laser?

The last time you took a look in the mirror, did you look older than your age? Did you notice any age lines or wrinkles that seemed to have come from nowhere? Well the Pixel laser is here to zap away those unwanted and sightly lines. The Pixel Perfect laser treatment allows your skin to go back somewhat in time to look the way it did before many of the signs of aging set in.

Just one single treatment can begin the process of your skin looking younger and healthier. The Pixel laser is an aesthetic laser procedure that can also be used for mild to severe sun damaged skin, acne scarring, enlarged pores, age spots, and other problems.

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What is the Pixel Laser used for?

The Pixel laser has a variety of applications and leads to dramatic improvement. If any of these are of interest to you, you should schedule a consultation with our dermatologic laser surgeon.

  • Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
  • Flatten worry and frown lines
  • Clear up sun-damaged skin
  • Decrease appearance of acne scars
  • Shrinking the appearance of pores
  • Flatten traumatic scars
  • May lessen bags and circles under eyes
  • Decrease jowls and improve angle of the jaw
  • Remove age/sun spots on the skin
  • Reshape, slightly enlarge, and give firmness to lips

This procedure sometimes mixed with Erbium laser treatment will reverse years of damage to your face, giving you a cleaner, younger look. The Pixel improves your skin’s tone and texture through blending, smoothing, shrinking, and flattening parts of your skin. The laser stimulates new growth of collagen and helps remodel collagen to make your skin tighter. Our offices across Bergen County, NJ, Queens, NY, and Long Island, NY offer Pixel Laser Treatment.

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Pixel Laser Treatment

The Pixel laser uses a unique head piece which tracks the CO2 10.6 um wavelength light as it passes light through its optical lens to penetrate the skin. We can control the depth of the penetration from only a few micrometers in depth (only as deep as a few sheets of paper) to much deeper with tiny thermal channels. This will also determine the length of healing, the number of treatments and the cost. Each thermal channel creates a small micro-injury but does not significantly disturb or disrupt the surrounding tissue.

These microscopic injuries caused by the laser (around 15-20% of the treated area) are the beginning of the healing process. By creating thousands of these perforations underneath the skin, your epidermis layer starts to heal from the edge of these microscopic perforations very quickly. By healing so fast it remodels, tightens and stimulates the collagen, your skin tightens, which in turn smooths out lines, and significantly improves your skins tone and complexion.

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With moderate to strong treatment you can expect an immediate tightening of the skin with some noticeable results seen in as little as one treatment. A single treatment can lessen the look of wrinkles and fine lines from your face for up to several months. More than one treatment may be needed for deep scarring to be removed. You can be assured a faster healing time than other treatments such as standard CO2 laser skin resurfacing, dermabrasions, and even deep chemical peels. You can also have a mild treatment with some improvement in skin texture and a quick return to normal activities.

It depends on the strength of the treatment performed for how much you’re affected. For mild treatment it may take one to two days of very mild redness. For severe cases you may require five to six days for the skin to heal.

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