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Understanding BLU-U Light Therapy for Skin Treatment

Are you or a loved one looking for a minimally invasive way to treat acne, scarring, or skin cancer effectively? BLU-U light therapy at Advanced Dermatology, PC, is a great option.

With little to no downtime following treatment, patients can trust in the precision of BLU-U treatment to reduce the appearance of acne or the spread of skin cancer right in the comfort of our dermatology clinic.

Continue reading to learn more about this innovative treatment option.

What Is BLU-U Light Therapy?

BLU-U light therapy is a non-invasive procedure that can improve skin appearance and reduce the risk of certain skin conditions progressing to skin cancer.

This medical dermatology treatment involves using a specific wavelength of blue light to target and destroy certain cells in the skin. It’s commonly used in dermatology to treat skin conditions, including acne and precancerous lesions like actinic keratosis.

The light activates aminolevulinic acid HCl, a photosensitizing agent applied to the skin, which selectively damages abnormal cells without harming surrounding healthy tissue.

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How Does Levulan Kerastick Play a Role in BLU-U Treatment?

Levulan Kerastick is a medication containing aminolevulinic acid (ALA) applied to the skin before BLU-U light therapy.

When applied topically, Levulan Kerastick is absorbed by abnormal cells, such as those found in actinic keratosis or acne. Then, when exposed to the specific wavelength of blue light from the BLU-U device, the activated ALA selectively targets these abnormal cells, causing them to be destroyed.

The combination of Levulan Kerastick and BLU-U light therapy effectively treats certain skin conditions. It improves skin texture and the appearance of brown spots and acne by precisely targeting and eliminating abnormal cells while preserving surrounding tissues.

BLU-U Treatment for Acne

BLU-U light therapy is an effective treatment for certain types of acne. It involves using a specific wavelength of blue light to target and destroy acne-causing bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) responsible for breakouts.

The light penetrates the skin and activates porphyrins, naturally occurring molecules in the bacteria. This activation process generates oxygen-free radicals that kill the bacteria without harming the surrounding skin.

BLU-U light therapy can reduce acne inflammation and the number of acne lesions, offering an alternative or complementary treatment for individuals with mild to moderate acne breakouts.

Blue Light Treatment for Skin Cancer

Blue light treatment, often combined with a photosensitizing agent like Levulan, is increasingly used in managing certain types of skin cancer, including actinic keratosis.

When the affected area is exposed to blue light, the Levulan-infused cells undergo destruction, targeting precancerous or cancerous cells while preserving healthy tissue.

This non-invasive approach shows promise in effectively treating and managing specific skin cancer conditions with reduced risk of scarring.

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Frequently Asked Questions About BLU-U Treatment

Are you curious about BLU-U light therapy? Please read through our frequently asked questions to discover comprehensive insights into this innovative treatment.

Is the BLU-U® a Laser? If Not, How Is It Different From a Laser?

No, the BLU-U® is not a laser. It uses a specific wavelength of blue light, different from lasers, to target and treat certain skin conditions. Unlike lasers, the BLU-U light is non-thermal, focusing on activating specific molecules in the skin without releasing or using a heat source.

How Long Is a BLU-U Light Therapy Session?

A BLU-U light therapy session typically lasts 15 to 20 minutes, making it a relatively quick treatment option.

Who Performs the BLU-U Light Therapy Procedure?

BLU-U light therapy is performed by a trained healthcare professional, such as a dermatologist or a specialized technician, experienced in administering the treatment.

Can We Stop the Therapy Midway Through a Session?

Yes, it’s possible to stop BLU-U light therapy midway through a session if needed. However, consulting with the healthcare professional overseeing the treatment is advisable to discuss any concerns or reasons for interrupting the session.

Is There Downtime to BLU-U Treatment?

BLU-U therapy typically involves minimal to no downtime. After the session, most people can resume their regular activities immediately without any significant restrictions or recovery period.

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