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Before & After Photos

XTRAC Laser patient before photo

XTRAC Laser patient after photo

XTRAC Laser patient before photo

XTRAC Laser patient after photo

XTRAC Laser patient before photo

XTRAC Laser patient after photo

What is XTRAC Laser?

For individuals afflicted with conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo and select types of eczema, Advanced Dermatology specializes in XTRAC Laser, an advanced therapeutic option. We utilize this gentle laser procedure to target and alleviate symptoms associated with the skin ailments. Our medical team is proud to be one of few in the tri-state are trained and qualified to perform this innovative treatment. We’re excited to feature Excimer’s XTRAC, the only FDA-approved technology on the market which successfully treats psoriasis, vitiligo and atopic dermatitis.

XTRAC Laser Service Photo1

Vitiligo and Psoriasis: What Are They?

At our office we cater to patients which suffer from vitiligo and psoriasis, autoimmune disorders which alter the life cycle of skin cells and cause irregularities on the skin’s surface. Excimer’s XTRAC Laser Therapy is a successful treatment option for both of these conditions:

  • Vitiligo: Patients with vitiligo experience patches of discolored skin as a result of the immune system’s destruction of your body’s cells responsible for pigmentation. As melanin decreases, patchy areas void of your regular skin tone may spread to various regions of the body. Though there is no cure for vitiligo, Advanced Dermatology has several treatment options.
  • Psoriasis: Individuals with this skin condition experience an overactive immune system which causes the rapid production of skin cells, often triggering a series of inflammatory and uncomfortable reactions. Psoriasis exists in cycles, and sometimes decreases in severity, but requires dermatological intervention for a successful treatment plan.
XTRAC Laser Service Photo2

How XTRAC Works to Treat Vitiligo and Psoriasis

Our doctors utilize XTRAC to treat psoriasis, vitiligo and various forms of eczema. Throughout your 20 minute treatment, the physician will focus Xtrac over your affected areas, focusing the laser on isolated patches of skin and gently treating them until symptoms are reduced. There is no pain associated with UVB therapy and the outcome is impressive.

XTRAC Laser Service Photo3

Benefits of XTRAC

  • Affected areas are generally cleared in around 10 treatments
  • Unlike topical creams, laser therapy offers months of relief
  • Comfortable treatment sessions only require a few minutes of your time
  • Say goodbye to oral medications, greasy lotions and pricy home remedies


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Ideal candidates

Patients who’ve tried topical or systemic medications without success may benefit from XTRAC, we treat children and adults with mild to moderate symptoms.

Potential Risks/Complications

UVB therapy is a known cause for non-melanoma skin cancers, but the treatment has been utilized in the successful treatment of psoriasis patients for years. We work with small treatment areas to avoid risks and still achieve impressive, comfortable treatment goals. When administered by a qualified physician the benefits of this procedure greatly outweigh the risks.

Why Choose Advanced Dermatology

We feature highly trained and experienced dermatologists with access to all of the latest, most advanced equipment. If you are seeking relief from vitiligo, eczema or psoriasis, please contact our office for your complimentary consultation.


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