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Advanced Dermatology: A Leading Connecticut-Based Dermatologist Group

Choosing the right dermatologist is a significant decision, and we are delighted that you’re trusting our team at Advanced Dermatology as a leader in your skin health journey.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, dedicated patient care, and comprehensive treatment services make us the preferred choice for individuals seeking top-tier dermatology care in Connecticut.

We understand that optimal skin health goes beyond treating specific conditions—it fosters overall well-being. 

Our approach to skin health acknowledges that your overall wellness and lifestyle directly impact your skin. Whether you’re considering us for medical, cosmetic, or surgical dermatology needs, we collaborate closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

With two strategically placed locations in Norwalk and Stratford, we are dedicated to providing the best cosmetic, medical, and surgical dermatology options close to you. 

Personalized Dermatology Solutions You Can Count On 

Your skin deserves the utmost care tailored to your unique needs. 

Our patient-centric approach ensures you receive top-tier dermatological services designed specifically for you in the Constitution State. 

Explore an overview of our treatment options below. 

Medical Dermatology 

Our experienced dermatologists are ready to offer leading-edge solutions for various medical skin conditions. Whether managing common concerns such as rosacea, dermatitis, or melasma or addressing more complex issues like skin infections or skin cancer, we’re equipped to provide advanced diagnostics and treatments tailored to your specific health needs.

Cosmetic Dermatology 

Enhance your natural beauty and attain your desired aesthetic with our cosmetic dermatology services. Our non-invasive procedures, such as Botox, dermal fillers, and advanced laser treatments, will revitalize your skin, leaving you with a radiant and youthful appearance.

Surgical Dermatology 

If you have a skin condition that requires surgical intervention, we can help. Our trusted team of dermatologists performs these procedures with care and precision. Whether removing a mole, excising skin cancer, or reducing the appearance of a scar, we’re here for all your surgical needs.

Your Answer to The Best Connecticut Dermatologist Near Me

We understand you shouldn’t have to travel far for the care you need.

With two convenient locations in Connecticut, we’re committed to providing accessible dermatology care right in your neighborhood.

We understand the importance of fitting in needed appointments to a busy schedule. That’s why we offer same-day, evening, and weekend appointments to accommodate everyone.

Schedule Your Dermatology Appointment in Connecticut

When it comes to your skin’s health and well-being, Advanced Dermatology stands as the premier choice in Connecticut. 

Our commitment to providing a patient-focused approach to your treatment sets us apart as the best dermatologist group in the state.

If you or a loved one needs a dermatologist in Connecticut, we encourage you to take the first step toward healthier, radiant skin by booking a consultation with us today. 

Your skin deserves the best care, and we’re here to provide it.

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