What is CoolMini?

Submental fat, is the fat formed under the chin. Fat forms in this area for multiple reasons: genetics, age, or your lifestyle options. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to exercise a double-chin away or cover it up with clothing. Many new non-surgical innovations have been created within the past year to treat this issue.

This patented applicator uses a cooling technology to freeze fat cells. The applicator targets small volume areas of fat, especially the submental fat found under your chin. The cooling technology used by the CoolMini is known as Cryolipolysis, enlisting cold temperatures to break down the fat.

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CoolMini Procedure

If you have noticeable bulges of fat in the submental area, then you are a candidate. Contact our offices to schedule a consult today. Once applied to the area the applicator begins to target fat cells in the body naturally. The treatment is designed to eliminate the fat in a controlled approach, as to not affect surrounding tissue.

These results can remain permanent if the patient maintains their weight and keeps a healthy lifestyle. If that is the case, then long-term effects will be seen and maintained.

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Results and Recovery

Many patients have seen results as early as 3 weeks, maximum results are seen 1-3 months after the treatment is administered. Because the procedure is completely non-invasive (needles are not used for this procedure) there is virtually no downtime. Patients are able to return to normal activities after the procedure is completed. FDA studies have shown patients with 1-2 treatments achieved 20% fat reduction.

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