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Otoplasty Ear Surgery

What is Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is a surgical procedure to correct oversized or protruding ears. This procedure can be performed on patients as young as five years old as by this age, the ears have developed sufficiently and the surrounding cartilage can withstand reconstruction. Ear surgery can also be performed on adults; although it is ideally performed during childhood to prevent the teasing and low self-esteem commonly experienced by children with abnormally sized ears.

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Ear Surgery Procedure

To qualify for ear surgery, individuals should be in good health. Children that qualify for ear surgery must be at least five years of age, able to follow directions, and are willing to undergo surgery. Regardless of age, individuals considering ear surgery must have realistic expectations about the procedure.

If you are considering ear surgery, you will meet with a plastic surgeon. During the consultation, your medical history will be reviewed and you will be asked to discuss your goals. This is necessary to determine whether you can truly benefit from ear surgery.

Ear surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or intravenous sedation. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, an incision is made on the back of the ear and cartilage within the ear is reformed. When ear surgery is complete, incisions are closed with stitches and the head is bandaged to support the new shape of the ears. Ear surgery typically takes about two hours to perform.

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Following ear surgery, patients may experience pain, bruising and/or swelling. Painkillers may be prescribed to minimize pain, while bruising and swelling often subside after a few weeks. Stitches and bandaging are removed after a week, and most people resume regular activities within ten days after ear surgery.


As with all surgical procedures, there are certain risks associated with ear surgery. These risks may include persistent pain, adverse reaction to the anesthesia, infection, blood clots, and undesirable scarring. To minimize the occurrence of complications, always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure.

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