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What Is LaserCap?

The LaserCap is a low-level laser device that can be placed into virtually any hat to combat thinning hair. It contains 224 650nm 5mW lasers arranged in the shape of a dome. The LaserCap is the only such device currently on the market that is intended for use away from your doctor’s office.

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How Does LaserCap Work?

The LaserCap is dome-shaped and powered by a portable battery pack. Unlike comparable devices which only contain 9 laser diodes, the LaserCap contains 224 laser diodes. The LaserCap can be worn while walking, working, running, and other activities during which the device will remain above water.

While wearing the LaserCap, you may hear clicking noises; this is just the sound of the lasers powering up. The LaserCap is typically worn for 30 minutes, although your physician may provide you with individualized instructions. As with all lasers, never stare directly into the LaserCap lasers while the device is on.

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What does the LaserCap consist of?

The LaserCap comes as a kit, complete with a carrying case. In addition to the carrying case, each LaserCap kit comes with the LaserCap itself, a cap, a battery pack, and a charger. The battery pack plugs into a standard wall outlet and typically charges within 2 hours.

Most patients see a thicker head of hair within 3 to 6 months of wearing the LaserCap. For best results, follow your physician’s instructions on LaserCap usage. For best results, make sure you regularly use the LaserCap, as stopping its use will not only prevent hair from further regrowing – it may also reverse any previous gains you may have achieved.

Interested in LaserCap?

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