Dermatology and Allergist Go Hand In Hand
Advanced Dermatology, PC Services Dermatology and Allergist Go Hand In Hand

Why Dermatologists & Allergists Go Hand in Hand

Allergies can affect the skin in several different ways and to different degrees. This is why it is important to not only consult an allergist about skin allergies but an experienced dermatologist as well. Dermatology and allergist go hand in hand because both physicians’ expertise can be resourceful when treating skin conditions caused by allergies. When it comes to skin allergy treatment in New York and New Jersey, Advanced Dermatology is a leading provider with a team of highly trained dermatologists and allergists that collaborate to help patients manage skin issues. Advanced Dermatology’s medical team, which is ranked among the top doctors in NY and NY, is pleased to offer patients with skin reactions or allergies the best solutions in skin care.

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The Skin and Allergies

When an allergy affects the skin it can be due to a variety of factors and symptoms can manifest itself in different ways. Some skin allergy reactions include: atopic dermatitis, hives and allergic contact dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is also known as eczema and it is the inflammation and drying out of skin due to various environmental factors. Hives occur when the body is triggered by an allergen and releases histamine. Allergic contact dermatitis is when your skin comes in contact with an allergen and it causes red, bumpy, scaly, itchy or swollen skin at the point of contact.


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Dermatologists and Allergists Treatment


At Advanced Dermatology our skilled dermatologists and allergists work together to provide patients with the best solutions. While it is important to consult with and allergist to understand what triggers your skin reactions, it also crucial to speak with a dermatologist to better treat the skin conditions that result from allergies. For example, if a patient continues to experience an allergic reaction on their skin, using specific allergy tests such as scratch tests, the allergist can help provide insight on how to avoid triggers and reduce the probability of a recurrence of skin reactions . At the same time, the dermatologist can provide the patient with a skin diagnosis as well, further determining if the skin reaction is, in fact, from an allergy. The dermatologist can also help control the patient’s symptoms by providing a customized treatment plan for the affected skin.

Advanced Dermatology is proud to offer patients a thorough diagnosis and treatment process through the collaboration of both the dermatologist and allergist medical teams. One of the important roles the allergist plays is diagnosing the allergen triggers that cause the skin allergy to manifest. The allergist can recommend which allergens to avoid, in addition to prescribing medication or recommending home remedies to combat allergic reactions when a person is exposed to an allergy trigger. This can include antihistamines, or even steroids or antibiotics as in the case of severe eczema. A dermatologist can also increase the accuracy of the patient’s diagnosis and effectiveness of a treatment plan by helping to determine the cause of the skin reaction and offering specific treatment solutions. These treatment options can include certain prescription creams or medicines or even phototherapy or light therapy, which for example can be used in eczema treatment.

With offices in both the NY and NJ area, our highly experienced dermatologist and allergist staff can help you get your skin allergies under control. Since each person’s allergies and symptoms are case specific, it can be incredibly insightful to seek professional medical help from both types of specialists. For the best skin allergy treatment in New York and New Jersey, schedule and appointment with our expert medical staff as soon as possible.

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