What is the Vanquish Fat Removal Treatment?

Are you troubled by stubborn pockets of fat which diet and exercise aren’t able to help? Advanced Dermatology offers painless fat removal within only thirty minutes, a fraction of the time required by other weight-loss procedures. Vanquish, a revolutionary non-invasive tool which provides long lasting results, helping you redefine your natural shape. The innovative technique targets the abdomen, thighs, flanks and upper arms, successfully heating deep tissue and melting away fat layers.

We proudly feature Vanquish as a natural option to rid your body of subcutaneous fat and toxins which cause you to pack on the pounds. The safe and effective fat removal process causes your body to process and evacuate fat cells to give you a firmer and more desirable figure. Our experienced cosmetic dermatologists utilize the FDA approved fat reduction technology to help you shed your love handles, flabby arms abs in just a few treatments. Our advanced, non-invasive procedure is fitted to your individual body type and designed to rid your body of excess fat in no time at all!

Benefits of Vanquish Fat Removal Treatment

  • Lose weight with no discomfort and zero recovery time
  • Each session is as short as thirty minutes
  • Changes in appearance noticeable within days
  • Permanent results

Vanquish Fat Removal Treatment Process


Our clinical team will evaluate you to determine candidacy for the procedure. Once approved, the physician will establish an individualized treatment plan and prepare you for the Vanquish procedure. Prior to treatment we will cleanse the target areas and prepare you for the most comfortable experience possible.


The physician utilizes an industrial fan to keep your body dry as the Vanquish panels deliver radiofrequency waves specified to your particular needs. With expert precision, the doctor targets your problem areas, melting fatty regions without disrupting surrounding tissue or organs. The Vanquish machine constantly provides feedback, allowing the physician to safely tune RF waves to your individualized needs.


Since the Vanquish machine panels raise your body temperature, you may experience slight redness or warmth after the procedure. This discomfort will subside within just a few days following treatment. We recommend you stay well hydrated to allow fatty cells to evacuate efficiently and experience optimal results.

Why Choose Advanced Dermatology?

Are you tired of not experiencing the weight-loss results you desire? We can help you achieve your fitness goals without the risks associated with surgery. Our experienced team of Board-Certified Dermatologists and Cosmetic Surgeons is here to help you along your weight-loss journey. Would you like to boost your confidence with this exceptional procedure? Advanced Dermatology can successfully treat your stubborn areas and help you look and feel your best!

Scheduling your Consultation

Are you looking to re-contour your body and enhance your physical appearance? Our advanced team of experienced surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and physicians have a viable solution for you. If you’re office to schedule a Vanquish consultation.