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Bella Contour Fat Reduction

What is Bella Contour?

Bella Contour combines resonant ultrasound, interferential therapy and vacuum massage to eliminate fat in a minimally-invasive manner. It can provide a more attractive contour to the abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks, arms and male breast. Bella Contour may provide noticeable results after just one treatment session.

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Am I a Candidate for Bella Contour?

You may be a candidate for Bella Contour if you have sections of localized fat on your body. Men and women can both benefit from this treatment.

How Does Bella Contour Work?

Bella Contour combines three proven fat reduction methods. It begins by utilizing ultrasound to promote the release of fat from the cells. Next, interferential therapy creates electric currents so that the fat can penetrate through the cells. Finally, vacuum therapy carries the fat from the bloodstream into the liver, where it is converted into energy.

How Does Bella Contour Differ?

Bella Contour is unique in that it utilizes three minimally-invasive fat reduction techniques. This system has provided safe, effective results for thousands of patients throughout the world. Bella Contour even includes software to track patient progress.

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What Should I Expect During My Bella Contour Treatment?

During a Bella Contour treatment, a transducer is gently moved across the targeted area. The treatment begins with ultrasound and interferential therapies to prepare the fat for removal, and then vacuum therapy removes the fat. Bella Contour is relatively painless, and many patients even compare its sensations to a warm massage. The treatment lasts roughly 50 minutes – the ultrasound and interferential therapies last 40 minutes and the vacuum therapy lasts 10 minutes.

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After a Bella Contour treatment, regular activities can be resumed immediately. Patients are advised to walk for at least 15 minutes after treatment to convert recently-released fat cells into energy. For best results, 8 to 10 treatment sessions are recommended, although patients may stop as soon as they achieve satisfactory results.

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