Versa Pulse®

Versapulse® Lasers have been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of treatments. Versapulse® Laser treatments performed properly, by a trained physician, are safe and effective. There are many benefits to Versapulse® laser surgery; little, if any pain, no needles for most patients, less bruising and swelling, and once removed, lesions do not return.

The advantage of the Versapulse® system is that it doesn’t cause bruising like the older more intense systems that explode the vessels and cause 1-2 weeks of bruising. The Versapulse® heats the vessels which then seal off by fibrosis (scarring) of the vessel itself over 6-8 weeks. Sometimes there is a mild redness or flaking of the skin for several days. A second treatment is frequently needed and occasionally a third treatment.

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