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Throughout the year, our skin gets little reprieve from the elements. In the summer, the sun is too willing to do damage. In the winter, the cold, dry air can [...]

Skin cycling is a trend that went viral thanks to TikTok, but does it really work? Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology, PC, first coined “skin cycling” when [...]

Many people attribute their skin health to genetics, but the reality is that environmental factors, such as your skincare routine, are even more important than your genes. The trouble is [...]

Figuring out how to get clear skin can feel like a huge undertaking. Many come to the dermatologist wondering what the secret is for how to have clear skin, but [...]

With the plethora of skin care products available on the market, it can be really confusing to figure out which one is the best. Naturally, many wonder if dermatologists use [...]

Facial serums, oils, and masks can be some of the best preventative measures for premature skin aging. However, knowing the best serum for sensitive skin can take a little bit [...]

Today there’s a lot of skincare information out there, but unfortunately, it’s hardly ever specifically for men. You might think that all skin is the same, and while there are [...]

Have you ever looked at someone with flawless skin and thought “what’s their secret?”. When you face things like blemishes, dry skin, scars, and skin sensitivity, it’s easy to assume [...]

Traditionally, men in the past have kept simple skincare routines. Modern skincare, though, has seen many men opting for a healthy, youthful look, and fortunately, getting that look can be [...]

If your skin is feeling dry, parched, and flaky, it can ruin a good mood fast. That stretched, itchy sensation just doesn’t leave you feeling your best. Fortunately, dermatologists have [...]

We all want to take care of our skin, but what do dermatologists have to say? Here are a few of our favorite dermatologist-approved skin tips that you can start [...]

Vitamin C is basically the first thing you learn in Supplements 101! It’s known for its immunity-boosting benefits, as the star of your favorite breakfast beverage, and for chasing colds [...]

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