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Traditionally, men in the past have kept simple skincare routines. Modern skincare, though, has seen many men opting for a healthy, youthful look, and fortunately, getting that look can be relatively simple. The words “skincare routine” don’t have to evoke images of lengthy, hours-long processes with a lot of products. Instead, a basic men’s skincare routine can be achieved by keeping just a few simple things in mind.

Identify your skin type

Everyone has a skin type that determines what their skincare routine should look like. Those skin types include:

  • Sensitive skin, could burn or itch after you use some products.
  • Normal, which is free of breakouts and not sensitive.
  • Dry, which is flaky or rough.
  • Oily, which is prone to breakouts.
  • Combination, which is dry in some places, and oily in others.

Knowing your skin type helps you know which products will work the best for your skin. If you aren’t sure what your skin type is, your dermatologist will be able to help you with determining it.

Wash your face daily, and after you work out

Daily oil and grime on your face can lead to breakouts, and there is never more breakout-inducing grime on your face than after a workout. If you only have one skincare rule, make it this one. Washing your face in the morning, at night, and after workouts can make a huge difference in your skin.

Make sure you’re using a cleanser that matches your skin type. This will help you avoid irritation and breakouts.

Mind your shaving technique

If you find yourself getting frequent razor bumps and burns, or if you suffer from frequent ingrown hairs, consider changing to a double or single-bladed razor, and try not to stretch your skin taut when you shave. For some men, multi-bladed razors will offer too close of a shave and irritate, so a single or double-bladed razor is best. Use a moisturizing shave cream, and make sure you shave in the direction of hair growth. Rinse the blade between each swipe to make sure you’re starting with a fresh blade every time.

Moisturize daily

Moisturizer is an important part of any basic skincare regimen. It keeps you looking young and minimizes wrinkles without too much effort. Moisturizer works by trapping moisture in your skin, so it works best when you use it right after a shower or after washing your face. It isn’t just for your face, either. Make sure you’re moisturizing your full body at least once daily for maximum benefit.

Having a simple, no-frills skincare routine that takes just a few minutes a day can help you keep the years off your face. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us here at Advanced Dermatology; we’ll be happy to meet with you and help you nail down your skincare routine.

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