Dry Skin in Winter: What Is The Best Way To Prepare My Skin For Winter?

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Dry Skin in Winter: What Is The Best Way To Prepare My Skin For Winter?

Throughout the year, our skin gets little reprieve from the elements. In the summer, the sun is too willing to do damage. In the winter, the cold, dry air can leave our skin feeling dry, itchy, and listless.

This is why it is worthwhile to prepare your skin for winter and maintain good winter skincare routine throughout the season to avoid dry skin in winter. Dry, cracking skin during the winter might not seem like a big deal. However, the effects can result in permanent stress and damage to the skin if you don’t take care. Here are the best tips for winter skin care that anyone of any age can benefit from.

Winter Skincare Tips by Dermatologist

Get a Humidifier to Stay Moisturized

A good winter skincare routine is all about keeping in moisture. A great way to lock in moisture is by using a humidifier. Skincare advocates recommend running a humidifier overnight, which can help relieve a dry throat. Consider adding essential oils for humidifiers that tolerate them for aromatherapy benefits as well!

Pick the Right Cleanser

Preparing your skin for winter should also involve selecting the right topical treatments. In the summer you may be able to get away with a harsher cleanser, but in the winter you want to protect the skin barrier at all costs. Opt for cleansers containing hyaluronic acid.

Winter Skincare Routine Modifications

Likewise, your moisturizers may also need an overhaul to prepare your skin for winter. In warmer months our skin tends to be a little oilier, but in winter a slightly stronger moisturizer can help, and again look for hyaluronic acid on the ingredients list.

You may also want to cut back on harsher treatments during the winter, such as those containing retinoids or AHAs, which can leave your skin chapped.

Resist Cranking the Heat

While you may want to crank the thermostat to stay warm, hot temperatures will further dry out your skin. The same can be said for hot showers. Try limiting your time in super-hot environments, and support the skin’s moisture barrier by using body and hand creams to prevent flaking and cracking.

Apply Sunscreen in Winter!

It should be second nature at this point to apply sunscreen every day of the year, but don’t forget to include a quality SPF as part of your winter skincare routine. People think mainly of summer as the time for sunscreen since it is hot out and we spend more time outdoors. However, the snow can act like a magnifier for the sun’s harmful UV rays which can cause premature signs of aging when they hit unprotected skin.

Keep up Good Diet and Nutrition

Another aspect of winter skin care to keep in mind is to monitor what goes into your body. The winter is full of holidays that are all about sweet treats and flowing libations. However, both sugar and alcohol will take a toll on your skin. This is especially true for alcohol which both dehydrates your skin and interferes with your beauty rest.

Plan Ahead for Some Time to Rejuvenate

Winter is the perfect time to kick your skin treatments up a notch with a visit to your dermatologist. Because we spend more time indoors, resting and relaxing, there is no better time to go in for a rejuvenating procedure that might require a few days of extra rest or some UV ray avoidance.

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