Dermatology Advice for Dry Skin in Summer

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If your skin is feeling dry, parched, and flaky, it can ruin a good mood fast. That stretched, itchy sensation just doesn’t leave you feeling your best. Fortunately, dermatologists have some answers for those who suffer from dry skin that you can take advantage of right now.

Wear SPF, even indoors

With sunny summer days on the horizon, we’re all aware of the necessity of sunscreen. For those of us with dry skin, though, sunscreen isn’t just for the outdoors. Your skin is extra-sensitive to those damaging UV rays, and even sitting by a window can trigger sunburn or irritation for some. To avoid this extra damage and keep your skin soft and supple, make a habit of applying sunscreen even when indoors, especially if you work near a well-lit window.

Keep the inside of your home humid

In the warmer months we find ourselves running the AC more and more, but did you know that the AC can make the air drier? This can be a huge loss for your skin, making it more prone to itchy patches and flaking. To counteract this added dryness, consider adding a small humidifier to your bedroom or workspace. Adding a little moisture to the air can help keep you comfortable and keep your skin in great condition.

Watch the length of your showers

Did you know? Any prolonged exposure to water can strip your skin of the essential oils needed to protect the skin’s natural protective barriers. Hot water is especially harsh, so limit both the time you spend in the shower and the temperature. Fortunately, in the warm summer months, cooler showers might even be refreshing!

Consult your dermatologist about your skincare routine

Are the products you’re using the right ones for your skin? Some cleansers meant for normal skin types are too harsh for dry skin types, and some moisturizers meant for normal or oily types may not be strong enough for you. Be sure to choose products for dry skin types, and to get the best results, consult with your dermatologist to get his or her recommendations. Consulting a dermatologist is the best way to get a fully customized skincare routine, so now’s the time to make an appointment!

For more information on an appointment with a dermatologist, contact us today and we’ll get you on your way to great skin!

Looking for more tips? Here are some additional summer skincare tips you can use.

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