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There’s a huge market out there for the best anti-aging products, and it’s no wonder. Your face is how others read your thoughts and feelings, so you want to put [...]

As reported in Yahoo! Life last week, actress Jamie Lee Curtis admits Botox® can “make the big wrinkle go away” but told her daughters “don’t mess with your face.” The [...]

As we move through life, there are many factors that will contribute to aging skin, from genetics to lifestyle choices. Prematurely skin aging occurs when the process of developing fine [...]

As reported in Harper’s Bazaar last month, actress Jennifer Garner shared her thoughts on makeup and skincare. The pressures of attaining a youthful look have led her to the admonition [...]

Did you know? Collagen isn’t just the protein that gives your skin stretch – it’s the most common protein in the body! Collagen strengthens your bones and joints and ensures [...]

As you get older, you might notice dark spots start to appear on your skin. Also called age spots, these marks occur as a response to sun exposure over time. [...]

At some point, we all face the realities of aging. Whether we like it or not, eventually we all start to see a sprinkle of grey hair or some lines [...]

Youthful skin is desired by many. No matter what we do, wear and tear are likely to occur. Our skin gets stressed through hormonal changes, and with the passing of [...]

As we age it is common for age spots (also called liver spots or sun spots) to appear on the skin and cause some concern. That’s because age spots can [...]

Dermatologist Suzanne Friedler, MD with Advanced Dermatology PC, Offers Tips on Choosing Wrinkle Treatments “We have new ways to address wrinkled skin,” observes Dr. Suzanne Friedler, a dermatologist with Advanced [...]

Weary looking eyes, especially those pesky dark circles and hollows under the eyes, can age the face. Sometimes exacerbated by lifestyle–thanks to those late nights burning the midnight oil at [...]

Creases, folds and wrinkles. We refer to them by so many names. To help you decide what type of wrinkles you have–and what treatment may be right for you–we have [...]

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