Considering Fillers, Tighteners, or Laser Resurfacing?


Dermatology specialist Dr. Valerie Goldburt with Advanced Dermatology PC explains how to match the skin treatment with the goal and offers tips on what to expect.

The goal of looking younger – with a fresher, more rested appearance – is all but universal, though the desire for invasive surgery to achieve this ideal is not. But minimally invasive procedures such as dermal fillers, tighteners or laser resurfacing can offer the results people crave without the high cost or lengthy recovery time, according to Valerie Goldburt, MD, PhD, of Advanced Dermatology P.C. (more…)

Anti-Aging Essentials: Tips for Youthful Skin


Historians now believe that Ponce de León wasn’t looking for the mythical “fountain of youth” when he landed in Florida 500 years ago. But the legend of a magical wellspring that would restore the youth of anyone who drinks or bathes in its waters had persisted for centuries and persists to this day, as we continue to search for the pill, cream, lotion or potion that will help us look younger longer. “Miracles don’t come in jars,” says Dr. Judy Hu of Advanced Dermatology, P.C. “But there have been scientifically sound advances – both at the cosmetics counter and in the doctor’s office – in anti-aging skin care. The key to effectiveness for the consumer is to know what will work and to have realistic expectations.” (more…)

Common Cancer Myths

MYTH: People with darker skin can’t get skin cancer.

TRUTH: Fair skin does boost your odds of developing both deadly melanoma and other types of skin cancer. But no hue grants you immunity from the disease, says Joshua Fox, M.D., medical director of Advanced Dermatology, P.C., in New York—especially if you fail to take preventive measures.

Advanced Surgical Center of Bergen County, P.C.

Advanced Surgical Center of Bergen County, P.C. earns AAAASF accreditation for patient safety

Completed thorough review process

RIDGEWOOD, NJ — Advanced Surgical Center of Bergen County, P.C. has demonstrated its commitment to patient safety by gaining accreditation from the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF). AAAASF is celebrating its 35th year of promoting the highest quality patient safety in the ambulatory surgery setting (office-based or outpatient), as well as rehabilitation and outpatient therapy agencies and rural health clinics.

Rhinophyma: Tips for Dealing with a Large, Red Nose

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Joshua Fox Answers Questions and Explains Link to Rosacea

There is no definitive way of preventing the progression of rosacea to rhinohpyma but avoiding triggers that aggravate rosacea by increasing blood flow to the face can delay the worsening of symptoms.

Albertson, NY (PRWEB) April 29, 2015

The bulbous, red nose most often associated with the comedian W.C. Fields has often been thought to be caused by heavy drinking. While alcohol consumption may increase blood flow to the face and cause temporary redness, it is not responsible for rhinophyma, a skin condition characterized by a large, red, bumpy nose that is just as likely to occur in non-drinkers as in drinkers. (more…)