That Was So Last Year…


Facelift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction? You might as well file those away with your bell bottoms and platform shoes! Invasive treatments are becoming a thing of the past. People are now opting for non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments that provide effective results without having the discomfort and long downtime that can come from a more invasive procedure.


Keeping Up With Your New Year’s Resolutions


Sure we all claim that once the New Year begins we’ll make all these profound changes in our lives. Maybe you vow to head to the gym more often, eat better foods, or even read more. Advanced Dermatology P.C. asks you to not let your skin care and the overall appearance of your body be one of those things you say you’re going to improve – but never do.


Make-Up Free is the Way to Be?

With the Miss Universe pageant right around the corner, you’d probably expect to see a TON of glitz and glam, but the opposite seems to be happening. Style Caster recently published an article about the different approach the Miss Universe organization is taking this year. Have you seen the hashtag #ConfidentlyBeautiful on social media outlets? Well attached to these hashtags are photos of some of the most beautiful women from across the world, sans make-up. While their make-up free campaign targets the social issues of physical beauty, there is some dermatological merit behind it as well.

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Dial® Acne Control

Did you know that Advanced Dermatology’s very own Dr. Valerie Goldburt was featured in a YouTube campaign for Dial® last year?

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No Limits When it Comes to Skin Care and Beauty…

You're Putting What

Beautiful woman with hands on face and red nails

The world of skin care and beauty knows no limits. There seems to always be something new on the market claiming to give you better skin. Still, there are many ingredients found in products that will surprise you. Have you ever considered using snake venom or maybe even your own blood as a treatment for your skin? These aren’t even the most shocking on the list!