Coolsculpting: Inner and Outer Thighs

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Female thigh at sizing processYou may know that Coolsculpting can get rid of fat around your abdomen and love handles but did you know it also can get rid of bulges of fat on your inner and outer thighs? Using a particular treatment applicator that we have at Advanced Dermatology you can get thinner looking thighs and the slimmer profile you want with an easy and safe in-office treatment.

CoolSculpting-Logo-DarkBlue copyCoolsculpting is non-invasive, requires no downtime after treatment, and can be done in about an hour per area. Coolsculpting works by selectively freezing fat cells, which then undergo cell death and are naturally eliminated from the body over the course of one to three months. Hundreds of people have already had Coolsculpting done in our office and many come back to have other areas treated because they were so satisfied with their results.

Sometimes patients are not aware of exactly what areas on the body can be treated with Coolsculpting. A lot of patients come in asking to remove fat around their abdomen or love handles without realizing we can also use Coolsculpting on the inner and outer thighs!

Coolsculpting for Thighs: Before and After

Female thigh, before and after Coolsculpting (back view, Inner and Outer Thighs) patient 1

Female thigh, before and 5 weeks after Coolsculpting (front view, Inner and Outer Thighs) patient 2

Female thigh, before and 8 weeks after Coolsculpting (front view, Inner and Outer Thighs) patient 2

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