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Dermal fillers, for the lips especially, have been around for quite some time, however in recent years celebrities like Kylie Jenner have really put lip injections on the map. The obsession for plumper lips has taken over in a big way. Not only are lip fillers on the rise, but products like derma rollers and collagen lip masks are also seeing a spike.  So here’s the lip list, a full view on the methods people are trying for that perfect pout.

Dermal Fillers:

Restylane Series (Restylane, Restylane-L, Restylane Silk):

Restylane is the first cosmetic injectable filler made from hyaluronic acid. The injection fills and provides volume and fullness to the area applied to, including the lips. Results can be seen immediately and the procedure usually takes around 5 to 15 minutes.

Female lips, before and after Restylane treatment, front view


This injectable filler like the Restylane series fills in areas that have lost structure or volume. In addition, it promotes collagen formation – that lasts months after the injection is administered. Collagen formation is the main thing people seeking to plump their lips are looking for.

Juvederm Series

(Juvederm XC, Juvederm Voluma XC): This dermal filer also restores volume to the skin, as well as smooths away facial wrinkles and folds like smile lines. The injection fills the soft tissue of the dermis adding volume.

Some people do not choose injectables instead opting for a more “at-home” approach. However, when dealing with altering your body most times it is best left to professionals.

Derma Rollers (also known as MicroNeedling):

If you are interested in YouTube beauty bloggers then you may have already seen Michelle Phan’s: 5 Ways to Plump Your Lips Video. There she talks about a few of the products listed here, but more importantly she demonstrates how she uses a Derma Roller to get fuller lips. Like Radiesse injections, derma rollers are intended to promote collagen formation in the lips. So exactly how does it work? The actual tool is equipped with thousands of small needles, when rolled on the face or lips it punctures the skin. This causes your face to repair itself by creating new skin (sort of like when you get a cut or scrape and the skin forms a scab over it.) The cost of one of these dermal rollers can be anywhere from $10-$40 dollars, and can be reused multiple times. It is extremely important to not only sanitize your derma roller before and after use, but also please for the sake of your skin – no sharing! Excessive rolling or doing it too aggressively can have adverse effects, so if you are considering trying it, be careful.

Those looking for a completely non-invasive way to plump your lips.

Collagen Lip Masks:

Brands on the market claim to fill in lines and wrinkles, moisturize, soften, and regenerate by getting rid of dead skin. One of the key ingredients in these products is hyaluronic acid, which can be found in most mainstream dermal fillers. Popular celebrities that have taken to social media to show off their collagen lip masks include Lady Gaga and Jessica Alba. Getting your hand on the brands the stars use might pose a problem, seeing as how the site has been sold out for months. There are similar products available all over the web, including Amazon.

Ladygaga with collagenlipmask photo

Natural Plumping:Natural Plumping (bottles)

Many essential oils have proven to be successful in creating fuller lips. Here are a few:

Peppermint oil – Improves circulation of the skin, the lips in this case. The circulation in turn swells the lips giving the perfect pout.

Cinnamon essential oil – Can be found in many lip plumping products on the market. It enhances the blood flow and stimulates lip vessels making your lips fuller.

Capsicum oil (spice you get from peppers) – Be very careful when using capsicum oil (or any of these for that matter). Because capsicum comes from the spice of a pepper it would be wise to only use a small amount diluted in your lip balm, or Vaseline.


Exfoliating with natural substances like brown sugar can also mimic the irritating effect that derma rollers and essential oils also do. There are also many lip exfoliating products out on the market.

Bliss fabulips sugar lipscrubs



Fabulips (use a tooth brush)Speaking of exfoliating, it has become extremely popular for people to use a tooth brush (or lip brushes sold on the market) for plumper lips. Initially gently brushing your lips would get rid of dead skin, leaving soft supple skin behind. Now in addition to soft lips, people have noticed that it irritates the skin just enough for a pronounced pout. The steps are fairly easy, scoop a generous amount of a rich thick lip balm onto the tooth brush and brush lips in a circular motion until your lips begin to plump. Many people even combine the balm with one of the essential oils listed above.  Most times using a standard tooth brush from your local drugstore will do, but for those looking to spend on equipment consider trying this Bliss Lip Kit from Ulta Beauty.

Lip Plumping Devices: Fullips Small/medium/large

I’m sure you have probably seen horrible photos and videos of the Kylie Jenner Lip Jenner circling the Internet back in the spring. Instead of using house-hold items like jars, bottles, and chip cans, companies wised up and began creating their own “safer” devices to achieve the same goal. Companies like Full Lips have been popping up everywhere. This company in particular has been featured on the Today Show, Cosmopolitan, Lucky Magazine, The Doctors, and more. The founder of the company Linda Gomez wanted a way to create fuller lips for women facing decreased fullness in the face and lips due to aging. The self-suction cup device seals your lips in, causing swelling – for a temporary plump look.

Lip Plumping Lipsticks and Glosses:

Popular make-up store franchises like Sephora have a long list of lip-plumping products available for purchase. The key is to look for products with Retinal or Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These products like all of the ones listed here are intended to irritate the skin just enough to create a plumper look.

Lip plumping lipsticks and glosses products photo

Whichever procedure you do choose to go with, make sure you research fully and understand the benefits and possible side effects that can come from using it.

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