What’s the Right Age to Start Botox?

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog What’s the Right Age to Start Botox?

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The average age to start getting Botox is decreasing according to Advanced Dermatology’s Dr. Lance Barazani. “Traditionally I see patients who are mid-30s to mid-40s, but this average is declining. It’s not uncommon today to treat patients in their mid-20s with Botox wanting to get rid of the very early signs of aging.”

So why get Botox if you don’t have wrinkles yet? Even in your 20s you may start to notice the first signs of aging including some fine lines on the forehead. By taking preventative measures such as getting Botox, you can stave off the effects of wrinkling and slow the development of deeper creases.

Women with thinner complexions, light hair, eyes, and skin tone typically develop wrinkles faster than dark haired, olive skinned women with dark eyes. But women of all complexions and ages agree that the frozen look doesn’t suit anyone. By using less Botox or a diluted dose for fine lines or for a preventative treatment you can get a more subtle and natural look.

Tips for When to Get Botox

  • If you don’t have any creasing or wrinkles, it’s probably not yet time for Botox.
  • The best way to learn whether you are a good candidate for botulinum toxin injections is to meet with a board certified dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon for a consultation.
  • Take advantage of the pre-treatment consult to ask plenty of questions and explain exactly what you’d like to accomplish with Botox and if it’s possible.
  • Less is more, especially if you’re a millennial with very fine lines of aging.
  • Have realistic expectations. Wrinkles from sun damage may not be as treatable and marionette lines around the mouth are better served using other fillers. Ask what you can expect Botox to do for your fine lines.

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