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You're Putting What on your face? The interesting ingredients cosmetic providers are using in their products and services

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The world of skin care and beauty knows no limits. There seems to always be something new on the market claiming to give you better skin. Still, there are many ingredients found in products that will surprise you. Have you ever considered using snake venom or maybe even your own blood as a treatment for your skin? These aren’t even the most shocking on the list!

Bee Venom – British royalty Kate Middleton has been known to use bee venom face masks and facials. The venom is an option for anyone looking for anti-aging treatments. The bee venom actually stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which can help in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Placenta– Yes, we said placenta. Placenta collagen masks have become extremely popular in the celebrity world. Jennifer Lopez in particular uses a brand called Plazan Cosmetics. They provide The Anti- Aging Plazan Placenta Collagen Mask. Their website claims the treatment does the following:

  • Thoroughly cleanses skin of dirt and oil
  • Helps to smooth out wrinkles by producing a lifting effect
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis by attracting endogenic collagenases
  • Helps to hydrate skin cells
  • Increases blood micro-circulation in upper skin layers, leading to improved metabolism and general skin tone
  • Helps remove toxins from the dermis
  • Reduces skin inflammation and puffiness. 

Bird Excrement: Eggs aren’t the only beneficial thing coming out of the bird species. A popular Japanese facial enlists the help of Asian nightingale excrement for its treatment. The excrement is mixed together with a rice bran (the outer layer of the grain) and applied to the face much like other masks are. The benefit? Nightingale excrement contains enzymes that break down dull skin cells, cleansing and making way for more radiant skin.

Snail Slime: This ingredient has been proven to even skin tone and boost skin’s elasticity. Our very own Dr. Whitney Bowe was featured in a Bloomberg Businessweek article explaining the benefits of snail mucus on the skin. For the full article CLICK HERE.

Amniotic fluid: The cosmetic world can’t Amniotic fluid photoseem to stay away from the maternity ward can they? Okay, it may not be coming from an actual maternity ward but the chemical makeup is quite similar. Cosmetic companies are using plant-based lipids that have an increased concentration of amniotic fluid. These lipids are “found in high concentrations in amniotic fluid, which is found to normalize skin cell growth and ensure cells are differentiating at a healthy rate”, information via the Hourglass website.

Blood – You may have heard about the Woman face photoVampire Face Lift, especially if you keep up with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who actually filmed an episode of her reality TV-show getting the procedure done. The main aspect of this facial is platelet-rich plasma which is taken from the blood of the person being treated. Once the gel-like substance is extracted from a person’s blood it is then injected back into the skin much like a regular dermal filler is. What’s the purpose of all of this? Collagen and elastin growth; it is all about reducing the look of wrinkles and giving the skin a healthy youthful glow.


Snake Venom: It may not exactly be snake venom but some cosmetic companies have managed to duplicate the same numbing effect that arises from it. The polypeptide (chains of amino acid) can be found in serums and creams for the area around the eyes, or the face. The products have claimed to be beneficial for concerns like forehead lines, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, and in some cases loose skin on the neck.

Tips to Remember:

  • Any product you do decide to use should be fully researched before-hand.
  • Spot test products on a patch of skin (particularly your hand or arm) to see how your skin reacts to it.
  • Seek counsel from your dermatologist if you are unsure of any products.

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