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Yet Another Use for Botox!
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Yet Another Use for Botox!

Dr. Smart discusses a new treatment for Rosacea

Rosacea is an extremely common and frequently frustrating skin condition. For all those that suffer from the redness and flushing that accompanies rosacea, a novel and impressively effective therapy is again in the news: Botox.
Female face, patient at treatment
In a recent study published in the journal Dermatologic Surgery, intradermal injections of Botox were found to be safe and effective in treating the facial redness of rosacea.

In the study multiple injections were performed “intradermally” and ranged on average from 15-45 total units. Unquestionably, patients noticed decreased flushing, erythema (redness), and inflammation within one week. And the results persisted 3-6 months. This is a great result!

Even though the injections of Botox were placed into the cheeks, none of the study patients experienced any weakness or relaxing of the smile or cheek muscles. This may be secondary to the amount and more likely the location in which the product was placed. Botox when used to treat wrinkles is not injected intradermally, but deeper — either subdermally or intramuscularly.

For those of you that suffer from rosacea, you know that there are very few treatment options to truly target the redness.

Laser therapy remains the gold standard for the treatment of redness in rosacea, because lasers work so well. Unfortunately since they are not covered by insurance in the vast majority of cases, these options may not be offered or talked about enough.

Botox for rosacea represents a new and exciting application of a surprisingly complex medication. And it is always nice to have options in medicine. If you suffer from rosacea, consider laser or Botox. You will be pleased!

About Dr. David Smart

Dr. Smart was born in Salt Lake City and grew up climbing and skiing in the Rocky Mountains. He received his medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, and must have enjoyed the harsh winters of the upper Midwest so much that he decided to stay in nearby Chicago to complete a residency in dermatology at the University of Illinois Chicago. With a particular interest in laser and cosmetic medicine, as well as general dermatology, Dr. Smart is excited to join the Advanced Dermatology team as the laser and cosmetic fellow.

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