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What to Do When Adult Acne Strikes
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

What to Do When Adult Acne Strikes
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on August 15, 2017

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Acne-free skin. It is supposed to be one of the rewards for making it through the unpredictable teen years. But if you have not coasted into adulthood with a healthy glow, you are not alone. Millions of adults suffer from acne–even people whose younger years were not marked by blemishes. When adult acne strikes, here’s how you can strike back.

Minimize stress

The demands of daily life can upset your natural balance. The skin is the body’s largest organ and can reveal a lot about your health. When we are stressed, our bodies become depleted of nutrients and less able to fight infections and illness. Do your skin a favor and take some time to relax.

Don’t touch your face or mess with your blemishes

It is difficult to resist picking your skin, but it is best not to. Popping pimples can aggravate the condition, leading to unnecessary swelling, infection and scarring. When you touch your face, you increase the possibility of spreading acne-causing bacteria. A clarifying facial performed by a qualified aesthetician or dermatologist can do wonders. Make an appointment to treat yourself.

Product patrol! Take stock of what’s on your shelf

Your skin changes over time. That favorite product you’ve been using for years may not be the right one now. A periodic review of your cleansers, creams, makeup and sunscreen may help you uncover an unknown culprit. Simplify your skincare routine and do not over-cleanse your face. Make sure all products are non-comedogenic, which simply means they will not clog your pores. Products that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, or retinol can be powerful skin allies, when used appropriately.

Try some bacteria-killing and anti-inflammatory home remedies

With its antibacterial properties, tea tree oil can help fight mild-to-moderate cases of acne. This natural antiseptic can soothe inflammation and irritation. Tea tree oil is available in a concentrated form and can also be found in soaps, cleansers, and moisturizers. Some people have found relief with topicals containing calendula, a flower extract that is commonly used in skin remedies.

See an acne specialist

Unfortunately, stress relief and at-home treatments may not be enough to combat some adult acne cases. If your breakouts are chronic or severe, it is best to contact a dermatologist. A qualified doctor can diagnose your acne and recommend an appropriate course of action. Topicals, laser procedures, and other acne treatments can help you get your skin condition under control. If you have acne scars, there are advanced treatments that can regenerate damaged skin.

Adult Acne Treatments at Advanced Dermatology, NY and NJ

If you are experiencing adult acne and would like clearer skin, contact Advanced Dermatology in New York and New Jersey. Our top-rated dermatologists can design a plan to treat active flare-ups and improve the overall texture of your skin. With offices conveniently located in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, and Westchester, Advanced Dermatology is committed to helping patients heal their skin.

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