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Think Before You Ink
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Think Before You Ink

Caucasian male tattoo artist tattooing Caucasian woman.The popularity of tattoos has grown drastically in recent years and in turn so has the desire to have them removed. Often people will regret a tattoo that they no longer feel fits their self-conception or is not acceptable in their chosen career. Other reasons to have a tattoo removed include it being poorly done or a desire to get another tattoo in the place of the removed one. There are a few things you should consider in order to avoid regretting a tattoo and wanting to have it removed.

You should do a lot of research before deciding on a tattoo artist. Remember that this is permanent artwork on your body so you should really develop a relationship with the tattoo artist before they start putting ink on your skin. Talk to people that you know who have tattoos and do your research online. The artist should have experience and a reputation of doing quality work. Good communication with your tattoo artist is essential and you should make it very clear to them what you want.

When considering getting a tattoo, do not just assume you can easily get it removed just because the technology is available. Tattoo removal can be an expensive and lengthy process requiring multiple treatments depending on the size of the tattoo and the color of the ink used. Lasers that can remove tattoos include Q-switched lasers, Ruby, Nd:YAG, Alexandrite, and others. Smaller tattoos with black ink are the ones with the highest success at laser removal. Larger tattoos with multiple colors usually will not be removed 100%. In almost all cases there will be some skin changes as a result of tattoo removal. The FDA advises anyone who is considering tattoo removal to avoid do-it-yourself tattoo removal options and see a dermatologist.

If you already have a tattoo that you regret and would like to have it removed, the expert dermatologists at Advanced Dermatology can help. We have lasers that can effectively remove most tattoos and we have the experience needed to get the best results. Set up a consultation at one of our 13 conveniently located offices throughout New York and New Jersey today to learn about your options.

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