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Stop Sweat Now
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Stop Sweat Now
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on March 13, 2015

Female with sweating.If you have a problem with sweating too much you may be worrying about the warmer weather up ahead. Higher temperatures mean more underarm sweat and embarrassing sweat stains on your shirts. There are plenty of options though for reducing or stopping your sweating altogether. Read on for some of your options.


Prescription antiperspirants are usually the first treatment that a dermatologist will try with you if you want to stop your sweating. These high strength antiperspirants will work by blocking sweat glands and need to be used consistently as they only work when you are using them. They can also take 10 days to start working so you need to stick with it and not be discouraged if you don’t see results right away.


Botox, a neuromodulator with numerous uses besides reducing wrinkles, can also be injected into the armpits to stop sweating. Injections will last three to four months and must be repeated to maintain control of sweating.


miraDry is an innovative procedure that stops underarm sweat for good. In two treatments, sweat glands are closed and you will experience long term sweat elimination under your arms. Currently miraDry can only be used on the armpits and will not help with hyperhidrosis of the palms or other areas. Not everyone who wants to stop sweating has hyperhidrosis though! Anyone who wants to stop using antiperspirant can get the miraDry procedure and stop sweating under the arms for good.

What’s the best option for you? Schedule a consultation with one of Advanced Dermatology’s board certified dermatologists to see if you’re a candidate for any of these treatments and stop sweating today!

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