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Smart Shopping for Your Skin
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Smart Shopping for Your Skin
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on October 29, 2015

Collection Of Skincare Spa Products


There is a whole laundry list of products out on the market that companies swear you need for your skin. And while you do need certain products, most of them aren’t really necessary for your day-to-day skin care routine. We’ve put together a list of skin care products every person should have in their arsenal.

1. Makeup Remover Wipes (For those that need it, of course!) It is extremely important for people that wear make-up to completely remove it from their skin prior to sleeping, and other activities like exercise. Keeping makeup on your skin can lead to quite a few problems including enlarged and dirtier pores, irritated skin, premature aging, and dry skin.

2. Oil-Based Eye Makeup Remover
This product goes hand-in-hand with the makeup remover wipes. No one wants irritated or infected eyes. Oil-based removers especially help with water-proof makeup, like mascara.

Washing Face

3. Gentle Face Cleanser
Cleaning your face with water alone isn’t enough to remove all the dirt, oil, and other build-up that finds its way onto our face throughout the day. Each person’s skin type is unique; some of us have dry skin, while others have oily or combination. It’s all about knowing what is best for your skin. Our tip is to ask your dermatologist, who would better know your skin type and therefore the type of product that works best with it.

4. Exfoliant
Many people think a gentle face cleanser is enough cleaning in one sitting, but by skipping the exfoliation step you are robbing yourself of some great benefits. Exfoliation can help get rid of dead skin, making way for newer healthier skin. Because pores are being flushed of impurities even more than with just washing alone, a person can prevent acne and even shrink pores.

5. Serum
The hidden gem of daily skin care. Using a serum can in fact help the other products you are using, like a moisturizer for example, penetrate the skin more easily. To get the full benefit serums should be applied right after your face has been washed and your toner has been applied (many people skip the toner step, it is all up to you). The light textured serum is more concentrated than most products and allows for increased hydration for the skin. There is something for everyone; so figuring out the type of skin you have should be your first step before purchasing any products.

Closeup of handsome young man applying facial cream in front of

6. Moisturizer
Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! We can’t say it enough, besides cleansing your face this is probably the other most important step in your daily skin care routine. Like the cleanser, it is important to know what works with your skin, seeking guidance from your dermatologist on product use is key. We can say that using a moisturizer with an SPF in the morning is the best way to protect your skin throughout the day. And if anti-aging is the goal, it is best to use a moisturizer for that at night so it has the time to really soak into the skin without being blocked by outside elements.

7. Lip Balm/Lip Scrub
So many times we focus on other areas of the face and neglect a prominent feature, our lips! Along with cleansing and moisturizing the skin we should also do the same for the lips. Our skin creates oil, sometimes too much, but it naturally creates a type of moisture for the skin. Our lips unfortunately do not, which makes it that much more important to apply moisture. Prior to applying a balm, use a mild lip scrub to get rid of any excess dry skin that may be sitting on the surface, then you can apply a thick lip balm for deep hydration.  No one wants beautiful healthy looking skin only to have dehydrated and chapped lips. Take the extra couple of minutes for lip care.

Other Products to Consider:

These products are not necessary, but many people have found them beneficial to their skin care regimen.

  1. Toner
  2. Spot Treatment for Acne
  3. Eye Cream

Many magazines, blog sites, and beauty experts can suggest products they use, but something to remember is that everyone’s skin is unique; therefore everyone’s skin care routine should be unique too. Seeking professional advice from a dermatologist and testing different products out to see what works well with you is the best way to maximize the benefits of your daily skin care routine.

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