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Skin Tips for Working Out
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Skin Tips for Working Out

Female drink water after ExerciseExercise can be great for your skin’s health and appearance. When you sweat you purge the body of toxins through the skin – one of only a few ways the body has of removing toxins. Blood flow to the skin increases when you exercise which helps transport nutrients essential to skin health. Exercise also can reduce stress, which will improve your complexion. Despite all these benefits, improper skin care before and after working out can cause problems and detract from any benefits. Check out these tips to get the best results for your skin from exercising.

  1. If you’re exercising outdoors – always wear sunscreen! If the weather is cold also use a moisturizer.
  2. Wearing makeup when you go to the gym may promote acne formation when it mixes with sweat and oil. Clean your face before you start working out.
  3. Avoid ingredients like glycolic acid and retinoids pre-workout as these can cause skin irritation once you start sweating.
  4. When you exercise your pores open up and make your skin more susceptible to acne. Always shower post-workout to remove pore-clogging sweat and oil from your skin. Don’t overdo it on the scrubbing and avoid harsh cleansers. Also avoid excessively hot water that can strip your skin and lead to dryness.
  5. Wear flip-flops in the gym shower to prevent skin infections of the foot.
  6. Does your skin get especially red after working out? There are various products available that can reduce inflammation from rosacea.
  7. If your gym has tanning beds – don’t use them! Tanning significantly increases the risk of skin cancer besides leading to sunspots and premature aging.

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