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Skin Infections May Increase Future Post-Surgical Risks
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Skin Infections May Increase Future Post-Surgical Risks
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on July 30, 2012

Surgeries today are relatively safe, so long as the patient has no underlying medical conditions. Based on a recent study, previous skin infections — even if successfully treated — may place individuals at an increased risk of infection at the surgical site. How did they discover this fascinating finding?

A Cut Is a Cut, No Matter Its Cause

According to researchers, a skin infection suggests that the body’s immune system does not respond well to cuts. While it obviously differs from a typical papercut, a surgical incision is still a cut to the skin. And if a smaller cut caused problems, a bigger cut will most likely cause trouble as well. Doesn’t this make sense?

Inconclusive As of Yet, But It’s No Coincidence

The study followed 613 surgical patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital at preoperative, operative and postoperative stages. Within 6 months after surgery, 24 patients developed infections at the site of their incisions. In addition, patients with a history of skin infections were nearly twice as likely to develop a postsurgical infection than those who never had a skin infection.

Don’t Ignore Your Skin!

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