We all want to take care of our skin, but what do dermatologists have to say? Here are a few of our favorite dermatologist-approved skin tips that you can start at home immediately. Remove Your Makeup This might seem like a no-brainer, but make it a point to always remove your makeup at the end […]
Even though a person of color might rarely get a sunburn, it’s important to practice sun care, because the sun can still damage your skin. It’s especially important for people of color to be aware of skin damage, because skin cancer can be more difficult to catch in darker skin, and may lead to skin […]
As you get older, emerging signs of aging may turn your thoughts toward anti-aging treatments, but there are so many to choose from it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Should you choose Botox® to treat your wrinkles or one of the many filler treatments that are rapidly becoming popular? […]
As you get older, you might notice dark spots start to appear on your skin. Also called age spots, these marks occur as a response to sun exposure over time. If you have spent a lot of time in the sun, you’ll see more age spots. Age spots are natural, but they may make you […]
With the warmth of spring and summer rapidly approaching, so is the time of year when we all venture outside. From hiking and barbecuing to sports and swimming, spending time outdoors can be a welcome relief after a winter of being cooped up in cold and dreary weather. There are a few hidden dangers, though, […]
Vitamin C is basically the first thing you learn in Supplements 101! It’s known for its immunity-boosting benefits, as the star of your favorite breakfast beverage, and for chasing colds away when you’re sick. But did you know that Vitamin C is vital to skincare? Vitamin C is one of the best and most effective […]
If you’ve ever struggled with weak and brittle nails or hair that is prone to breakage, you might have turned to hair, skin, and nail vitamins to correct the problem. These vitamins promise strong nails, shiny hair, and glowing skin. Whether or not they come in the form of expensive pills or fruit-flavored gummies on […]
If you’ve struggled with acne or scars, especially on the face, it’s likely that you have explored many options for scar fading and removal. One of the most common removal solutions is laser treatment, so we’d like to explore today: is laser treatment for acne and scars worth it? What is laser treatment? Laser scar […]
By Adam Falivene, DPM Heel pain, flat feet, high arches, calluses – maybe your child is constantly tripping or saying their feet feel tired? We’ve rounded up some of the most common signs that you need orthotics. DO YOU HAVE FOOT PAIN OR SWELLING? If you’re experiencing foot pain or swelling during or after everyday […]
Dry skin can be an uncomfortable position to beat. It can sometimes seem like you’re always uncomfortable, especially if your dry skin is also sensitive. If you’re looking for some relief, let’s check out some tried and true advice for keeping dry skin from taking over your life. Keep your shower from making things worse […]
The simple answer is… All of them! Green tea is fantastic for your health generally. It’s rich in antioxidants that support health at all levels, but did you know? Green tea has some specific beauty advantages that you may want to take advantage of. De-puff your eyes and reduce dark circles Who needs expensive undereye […]
Noticing a little bit of sparkle in your hair can be alarming, especially if you weren’t expecting it. Depending on your circumstances and genetics, it’s possible to start seeing gray hair as early as the teen years! Fortunately, if you’re looking for something a little more effective than dying, there are a few treatments a […]

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