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Not Just Younger, More Likeable
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Not Just Younger, More Likeable
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on April 29, 2015

Female face, before facial rejuvenation treatmentsMost of the time when we talk about facial rejuvenation treatments we say that the goal is looking more youthful. Recent research into how we perceive each others faces shows that there’s a lot more to it than that. Research participants were shown photos of some patients before they had a cosmetic procedure and some of others after they had a procedure. By looking at their responses to questions about the photos researchers were able to determine perceptions of a few different personality traits that were affected by having a plastic surgery procedure.

Personality traits that were rated higher for photos of patients after surgery included likeability, social skills, attractiveness, and femininity. This shows that plastic surgery, often done to remove signs of aging, does not only effect how young a patient looks but also influences how their personalities are perceived by others.

There are a variety of plastic surgery procedures available for your specific needs and also many non-invasive options for those of you not ready to go under the knife. This research demonstrates that the benefits of having a cosmetic procedure are not only a more youthful appearance but also a better overall first impression.

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