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New Tree-tment Option for Fungal Nail Infections?
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

New Tree-tment Option for Fungal Nail Infections?
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on December 3, 2012

Fungal nail infections, or onychomycosis, typically occur as a result of walking barefoot in damp places, such as swimming pools and locker areas. If ignored, fungal nail infections can spread to the fingernails and other parts of the skin. Depending on severity, treatment may involve over-the-counter products, oral medications, removal of the infected nail, or lasers. Researchers may have found another treatment option for fungal nail infection: a resin lacquer from the Norway spruce tree. What else is known about this new branch of treatment?

Preliminary Study, Promising Results

The lacquer was tested on 37 fungal nail infection patients, applied daily over the course of 9 months. Both before and after the study, nail samples were taken for a mycologic culture and to test for the existence of dermatophytes. By the end of the study, 14 patients saw significant improvement in their condition, and 3 patients saw complete healing. While this study tested a rather small sample group, it shows promise in the use of resin lacquer for treating fungal nail infections. A larger study will be necessary to better determine the effects of resin lacquer on fungal nail infections.

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