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Ladies…it’s time we had THE talk!
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Ladies…it’s time we had THE talk!

Too many people aren’t talking enough about vaginal rejuvenation! Yes we know it can be a bit of an embarrassing topic to bring up, but if you aren’t seeking help for it how will you ever see changes? We’re here to discuss a revolutionary new procedure that helps with a multitude of vaginal concerns.

What is it called?
You may have heard the Kardashian sisters raving about a “vagina tightener” but the actual name of this procedure is called ThermiVa.

Shouldn’t my OB-GYN be doing this?
While your OB-GYN can do this procedure, a dermatologist can as well. Dermatologists specialize in treating and improving the appearance of nails, hair and skin. If you can tighten loose and sagging skin on your face or neck with us why not your vaginal area?!

What exactly does ThermiVa do?
Well by now you’ve already heard of the “tightening effect” that you get from the treatment, but there are so many other health and aesthetic benefits to getting ThermiVa done!

ThermiVa works to treat:
• Vaginal Laxity – Tightening of the inner vagina
• Vulvar/Labial Laxity – Tightening of the outer vagina skin
• Vaginal Dryness or Atrophic Vaginitis
• Mild to Moderate Incontinence
• Sexual or Orgasmic Dysfunction

See patients just like you talk about their experience with ThermiVa!

How does the treatment work?

ThermiVa uses a radiofrequency energy to heat the skin’s tissue and rejuvenate collagen. The heat is administered through a small wand-like device. There is zero discomfort during the procedure, simply a warm sensation in the treatment area.

thermiva vaginal rejuvenation instrument
We could explain all the in-depth details of what we’ve seen – or you can watch this video that really shows far better than we can tell!

What can I expect after the treatment?

There is no down-time with ThermiVa, letting you get right back to your normal daily activities once the treatment is complete! Many patients have reported seeing results after just one treatment! Three treatments are recommended to get the best results possible. Because ThermiVa is stimulating collagen growth you will gradually see results months after the procedure. It is important to note that results are different for every patient.

A patient of ours left us with a pretty memorable quote after getting her first ThermiVa treatment done: “I am going to have all three treatments done because as they say…you can never be too rich, too thin, or too tight!”

Still feeling a little bashful about the treatment? Don’t be! Let us help you start the conversation. Contact our cosmetic hotline today to get more information about the treatment or to schedule your consultation.

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Our ThermiVa trained providers:

Dr. Sonoa Au
Dr. Sonoa Au
Melissa Sanoff-Weiner RPA-C
Melissa Sanoff-Weiner RPA-C
Dr. Joshua Fox
Dr. Joshua Fox

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