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Get smooth, dry underarms in one treatment

Get smooth, dry underarms in one treatment

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miraSmooth is the latest in permanent underarm hair removal. It is based on the same proven technology used on thousands of patients to eliminate underarm sweating. The great thing about miraSmooth is that, unlike typical hair removal treatments, it can treat light color hair (not just dark) and also eliminates underarm sweating. All this in only one or two office visits!

miraSmooth uses microwave technology that focuses on your sweat glands to stop hair growth and sweating. It is the first FDA cleared treatment for both of these concerns. The treatment is very safe and you may have some pain and swelling afterwards but this will usually go away in a few days. By eliminating sweat and hair under your arms you are also reducing your body odor and taking away the need to use antiperspirants that stain your clothes.

miraSmooth will give you the smooth, dry underarms you want. Learn more about miraSmooth by coming in for a consultation today.

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