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Five Ways to Treat Damaged Winter Hair
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Five Ways to Treat Damaged Winter Hair
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on January 13, 2017

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Winter is bitter cold and zaps the moisture out of your skin and hair. When you’re faced with sub-zero temperatures outdoors and artificial heat indoors, the repercussions often wreak havoc on your outer-glow. Low humidity levels dry out your skin and hair and are difficult to supplement in the long winter months. Though there are plenty of creams, miracle pills and diets on the market which claim to work, you don’t have to go broke to look and feel your best.

Luckily, we have a few tips to restore your natural glow and lock moisture back into your hair:

Dump the hot water

While a boiling hot shower may seem appealing when the weather is frightful, chlorine levels and chemicals only serves to further dry out your precious hair. So conserve the hot water and set the temperature dial for warm. Your skin and hair will thank you for making the conservative change.

Be gentle

We know it’s tempting to blow dry your locks, but using high temperatures zaps moisture from your hair. Resist the urge to use hair dryers, straighteners and curling-irons and dry your hair the natural way. For those days where a blow dryer is necessary, pre-treat your hair with a leave-in conditioner to add a layer of protection.

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A simple forty-five minute olive-oil trick will leave your hair feeling and looking lustrous. Simply warm ½ cup of olive oil and massage into your scalp, wrap with a towel and relax as moisture inserts itself back into your world. After your treatment, just shampoo and marvel at the results.

Go Natural

Instead of spraying on hair products, try something alcohol free which doesn’t dry out your hair. Products like Jojoba, Argan and Sandalwood oils can be found at your local health-food store, or favorite online retailer. Just massage into your scalp, the way you would a conditioner and enjoy the many benefits these oils have to offer. The serums work wonders to restore brittle hair and are even great for your skin.

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Eat Healthy

Yes, you are what you eat! Make sure you consume a diet rich in fatty acids, take vitamins religiously and stay well hydrated. Your best defense against the dryness of winter is eating healthy and boosting your immune system. Wholesome ingredients not only taste great, but also work to keep your hair, skin and nails beautifully moisturized.


You Deserve Lush, Healthy Hair

Eating right and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are some very important steps in obtaining healthier hair, but sometimes these steps just aren’t enough. If you’ve noticed changes in your hair which concern you, please contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our board-certified dermatologist.

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