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Fall Skin Care Tips
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Fall Skin Care Tips

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You may not want to believe it, but fall is right around the corner. Yes, the leaves are beautiful and the cooler weather is refreshing, but there’s definitely something sad about putting away your shorts and taking out your sweaters. It is universally understood that clothing varies by season (especially here in the Northeast), but did you know your skin care regimen should also change with each season? Here are some simple skin care tips for the fall season:

  • Assess Your Skin Type – With the cooler weather, many notice a change in their skin type. Whether previously normal skin becomes dry or oily turns to normal, the skin care products you used all summer may actually make your skin worse in the winter. If you have any doubts about your skin type, our dermatologists would be glad to assist you.

  • Remember Sunscreen – Although you are no longer going to the beach, the sun’s ultraviolet rays still exist elsewhere. Use a moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen and reapply throughout the day. Make sure that the sunscreen contains an SPF of at least 15. Regardless of the weather, sunscreen is a must.

  • Develop a Routine – Since exfoliation and certain other skin care techniques may cause exfoliation if done too frequently, it is important to remember when you have done each step. Set aside specific days for each skin care task to keep better track and avoid irritation. While this should be done year-round, it is especially important in the fall and winter seasons, when dry skin typically occurs.

  • Moisturize Daily – To avoid dryness, your skin requires constant hydration. Use a moisturizer every day to keep your skin moist and smooth. It is best to apply moisturizer after a shower or bath, once you have dried off.

  • Get Cuticle Oil – When it comes to dry skin, the cuticles tend to suffer the most. Even if you use hand cream religiously, it may not be enough to moisten the cuticles. Purchase a cuticle oil and use a few times a week to relieve cracked, painful cuticles.

  • Take Care of Your Feet – Now that sandal season is over, your feet will be relegated to many hours inside boots and other tight-fitting footwear. To keep your feet looking good year-round, use a foot scrub a few times a week. You will feel good knowing that your feet are pampered.

  • Put the Bright Nail Polish Away – The bright, sunny days of summer beckon for bright-colored clothing, as well as nail polish. Now that summer is over, it is time for darker colors. Your darker nail polish will go great with your fall wardrobe!

  • Check Your Body Wash – The body wash you’ve been enjoying all summer may dry your skin in the cold weather. To prevent dry skin, look for a body wash that is hydrating and soap-free. If you’ve been using a shower gel in the summer, you may want to switch to a moisturizing body wash for the fall.

  • Get a New Hand Cream – When it comes to dry skin, your hands take the brunt of it, as they are constantly exposed to water. It is therefore important to moisturize your hands more often than the rest of your body. Pack a hand cream with you for when you’re on the go.

  • Think About an Oil-Based Scrub – The fall is an excellent time for oil-based scrubs, as they simultaneously hydrate and exfoliate your skin. There is a dizzying array of oil-based scrubs, each containing a different amount of oil. You should have no trouble finding an oil-based scrub that’s right for you.

  • Cosmetic Procedures – Fall is the best time for facial cosmetic procedures, as your face will be exposed to the sun much less compared to summertime. In addition, with the holidays not too far away, undergoing your procedure now will ensure that you look youthful and refreshed in front of family and friends.

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