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Cosmetic Treatments: Myth vs. Fact!
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Cosmetic Treatments: Myth vs. Fact!

MYTH: Cosmetic treatments are the same as plastic surgery

Cosmetic treatments often get thrown together with plastic surgery in the same category but are actually completely different. Cosmetic treatments are usually non-invasive, have little to no downtime, and can be done fairly quickly. Plastic surgery includes invasive procedures for reconstructive and cosmetic purposes that require anesthesia and going under the knife. Most cosmetic treatments are painless and may have only mild discomfort during the procedure.

MYTH: Cosmetic treatments aren’t safe or have lots of negative side effects

Cosmetic treatments will usually only result in negative side effects like eyelid or lip droop if they are not undertaken by a qualified professional. Even if problems like these develop they will diminish and go away over the course of a few months. The best solution is to make sure you see an expert in the first place. The good news is that these temporary side effects, that result from a lack of skill not necessarily the treatment, are the worst-case scenario. Unlike a plastic surgery procedure no scars will result from a cosmetic treatment. Cosmetic treatments should be completely safe so long as the doctor you are seeing is qualified to give you the treatment.

Female face at inspection

MYTH: Cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery are permanent

Cosmetic treatments are not permanent and usually a refresh is needed every six months to one year. Different treatment qualities may have different time frames of effectiveness before another treatment is needed. No, your face will not be worse then it was before if a treatment wears off or after having multiple treatments. Many cosmetic treatments actually help slow the aging process. If you don’t get a refresh of your treatment your body will continue to age naturally. Plastic surgery is not necessarily permanent either and as the face ages the results need to be maintained.

MYTH: All cosmetic treatments are expensive

While some plastic surgery procedures can be expensive there are many options available for cosmetic treatments that are relatively affordable. Check out our monthly specials to get an even better price for your treatment or consultation.

Which cosmetic treatment is right for you?

The most well known cosmetic treatments are Botox and Restylane and non-invasive fat removal treatments like Coolsculpting and Thermage. “We’ve seen a surge in Botox patients lately,” says one doctor. One exciting treatment that is being offered now, called Miradry, can stop underarm sweat completely with just two easy treatments. There are many other options available however and some may be better suited to your unique needs than others. The only way to find out is to schedule a consultation with an expert dermatologist that is skilled and knowledgeable about cosmetic treatments.

Advanced Dermatology, P.C.’s board-certified dermatologists can help you determine the treatment that is right for you. We have 13 offices conveniently located in New York in Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Brooklyn, Nassau, and Suffolk, and offices in Ridgewood and Summit New Jersey. To schedule your consultation today: Contact Us.

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