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Cosmetic Treatment FAQs
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Cosmetic Treatment FAQs
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on January 1, 2015

Female face at injection process

Q: Using products “off label” — what does that mean and what can happen?

A: If a use is “off label” that means that the FDA has not specifically approved the medication or procedure in this particular instance yet. This does not necessarily mean the treatment is not perfectly safe and appropriate. It simply means that the FDA approval process has not been done for that specific indication. This is a good discussion to have with your physician. Many medications are used off label with great result.

Q: The medical spa around the corner is offering a treatment for half the price of the dermatologist – why shouldn’t I just go where it’s cheaper?

A: Cheaper is not better – especially when it comes to your health and appearance. Medical spas will have aestheticians that do not have the education or experience to deal with potential complications from a procedure. They also may not have the proper training to perform the procedure to get the best results. Connecticut is one state that recently put into effect stricter standards for medical spas. Getting your cosmetic treatments performed by an expert board certified dermatologist ensures that you will get good results with fewer complications. In many instances only those with medical degrees or those under the supervision of someone with a medical degree are legally allowed to perform a procedure.

Q: How do I know which cosmetic treatment is right for me? There are so many options now for so many different things!

A: The best way to find out is to speak with a dermatologist! Reading about a treatment in a magazine or doing Internet research is no replacement for getting an opinion from someone with experience performing the treatment. A dermatologist can give you advice based on your own unique goals and come up with a treatment or series of treatments that are right for you.

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