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Cosmetic Eye Care
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Cosmetic Eye Care
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on September 30, 2014

Eye cosmetics are safe when used correctly. It is very important to be aware of the risks of infection, injuries from the applicator, and unapproved color additives. Here are some tips on cosmetic eye care.
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Clean Makeup

Keeping eye cosmetics clean is very crucial and they should not be misused. Misusing eye cosmetics can cause dangerous bacteria to grow in them. Also, replacing eye makeup is crucial to avoid eye infections. Eye cosmetics should be replaced every four to six months.

Don’t Share

Never share eye makeup. Another person’s germs can be hazardous to you. Always use clean cotton swabs to sample cosmetics in the store.


All cosmetics are required to have an ingredients declaration on the label. It is a very important consumer protection law. If there is no ingredient declaration on the label then you should not purchase or use.

Color Additives

Color additives that are approved by the FDA for cosmetic use in general are not approved for eye cosmetics. Kohl is a major concern for color additives. There have been reports that kohl can cause poisoning in children. Kohl is unapproved for cosmetic use in the United States.

Dyeing Eyelashes

Permanent eyelashes, eyebrow tint, and dyes cause serious eye injuries. There is no color additive that is approved by the FDA for permanently dyeing or tinting eyelashes.

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