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Celebrity Beauty Trends: Hope or Hype?
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Celebrity Beauty Trends: Hope or Hype?
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox on November 7, 2017

Woman's lips, filler injection

Celebrities tend to look flawless and forever young. In the age of social media, many celebrities share their cosmetic routines and treatments with fans, sparking overnight beauty trends. Since we always see stars looking their best, these beauty tips make following celebrity cosmetic trends very tempting. The question is, are popular celebrity beauty trends really worth all the hype? Some of these trends can be viewed as extreme, as well as and costly. But are they worth it? Here are a few popular beauty trends that celebrities claim leave them looking younger and rejuvenated.

The Vampire Facelift has become hyped up over recent years. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have done similar treatments like the Vampire Facial, boasting about the results on her reality show. However, she also complained about the discomfort during the procedure. The Vampire facelift treatment primarily works by first injecting HA fillers into the skin to shape it and then injecting the patient’s own blood into their skin. This results in an improvement in not only the smoothness of the skin but in skin tone as well. While the aesthetic outcome of the Vampire facial and Facelift may be positive, it is important to note that this treatment is not for everyone. While it may yield favorable results, it can also be uncomfortable, even painful, and must be performed by a Vampire Facelift medical professional.

Another popular celebrity beauty trend is fat reduction. Celebrities often have personal chefs and trainers to help get them looking red carpet ready but even the famous sometimes deal with stubborn fat that refuses to go away. Although diet and exercise help, certain fat deposits are difficult to get rid of, which is why celebrity dermatologists often recommend non-invasive fat reduction procedures. Advanced Dermatology offers the CoolSculpting fat removal treatment, a highly effective fat reduction procedure. This painless procedure is non-surgical and can remove persistent pockets of fat. Treatments last about thirty minutes, depending on the area of the body. Performed by highly trained dermatologists, this celebrity fat removal trick is safe and available at our New York and New Jersey offices.

While anti-aging celebrity beauty trends are very popular, younger celebrities like Kylie Jenner have talked about using dermal fillers to enhance their appearance as opposed to using them to reduce wrinkles. Jenner previously had very thin lips but with lip fillers she now has famous, fuller, more plump-looking lips. The doctors at Advanced Dermatology can perform dermal filler treatments to smooth out wrinkles, as well as enhance your features. Juvéderm’s Volbella lip filler is a subtle, painless way to augment your thin lips and further improve your appearance.

Although a star on the walk of fame may be out of reach, the beauty trends of the stars are not. The dermatologists at Advanced Dermatology in New York and New Jersey provide clients with the top trending beauty treatments, while keeping patient safety and satisfaction a priority. Our expert medical staff will also ensure clients have the correct procedure for their cosmetic and personal needs. Contact our NY and NJ area offices for more information about reaching your beauty goals today.

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