Erasing Lines Around Your Nose and Mouth

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Erasing Lines Around Your Nose and Mouth

The lines that run from the sides of the nose to the chin are lines we are not waiting on.  These deep lines around the nose and mouth, called nasolabial folds, become more visible as people age. Ligaments around the mouth and chin loosen, allowing fatty tissue in cheeks to droop. There is a hereditary factor in these lines around the nose and mouth. Collagen and elastin-loss, smoking, weight inconsistency and sun exposure can also lead to these deep lines.

How to Treat Lines Around the Nose and Mouth

Juvederm and Restylane are fillers that can help prevent or push up the folds and deep lines in people aged 30-40. Lasting 12-18 months, these hyaluronic acid-rich treatments may be your key to smoother-looking skin.

To prevent or slow down the development of deep lines in people aged 50-60, Botox, made mainly of botulinum toxin, relaxes the muscles around the mouth. When relaxed, the muscles frown less, leading to fewer frown lines.

In your 60’s, results may be seen from a facelift or neck lift to tighten loose skin. At Advanced Dermatology, P.C., we also offer a variety of laser techniques that treat fine lines and tighten skin with minimal to no downtime.

Are There Any At-Home Treatments?

The best treatment to be done at home is prevention. Protect your skin from the sun and eat lots of antioxidant-rich foods found in fruits and vegetables such as berries, broccoli and carrots. This helps keep the collagen and elastin in your skin strong.

Weight maintenance is also really important because significant weight shifts can contribute to lines around your mouth. Smoking should also be avoided since chemicals in smoke can destroy collagen and elastin.

A retinol or retinoid cream can help, too. Retinol thickens the deeper layers of the skin, while thinning out the superficial layers. This reduces fine lines, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

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