Celebrity cosmetic procedures and the pressures of anti-aging

Advanced Dermatology, PC Blog Celebrity cosmetic procedures and the pressures of anti-aging

As reported in Harper’s Bazaar last month, actress Jennifer Garner shared her thoughts on makeup and skincare. The pressures of attaining a youthful look have led her to the admonition “Look in the mirror less and be cautious when it comes to injecting anything into your face.” And she was very much in favor of waiting as long as possible before you consider cosmetic enhancements.

Our own plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Taglienti, MD weighed in on Garner’s comments:

“A lot of people have different philosophies when it comes to beauty regimens. I will often turn down patients for botox or filler if I feel that they don’t need it. However, some patients may benefit from injectables in their 20s; some in their 40s or 50s. Genetics, sun exposure, and general skin care and health affect our skin as we age. In general, I do agree with Jennifer Garner’s opinion – however, for some patients, treating lines or volume loss that are subtle when they are younger becomes easier to treat and requires less product overall as they age. So, in that sense, it’s better to start on the earlier side with light injections as more of an aging preventative. And of course, having a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist to review your options is always warranted. During your consultation, you’ll receive a lot of information about all of the latest techniques and products to help you look your absolute best, and all potential options will be reviewed.”

Another A-list celebrity, Cardi B revealed her plastic surgery goals, after a three-year hiatus and a bad experience with liposuction following the birth of her daughter, Kulture. Her outspoken nature proves that despite past complications, she has no fear of another tummy tuck. Dr. Taglienti gives us more details about this common operation:

“As she herself admits, Cardi B is no stranger to plastic surgery. She may have skin excess on her abdomen because of her prior liposuction procedures, or because of her recent pregnancy. Regardless, an abdominoplasty – or tummy tuck – is a surgical procedure in which the skin on the abdomen is tightened and can be tailored to incorporate the belly button, underlying muscles, or not. The extent of the tummy tuck has to do with the amount and location of excess skin on the abdomen. This surgical procedure takes anywhere from 2-3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The recovery period is anywhere from about 6 weeks to 3 months, and I imagine with her hectic schedule it may be tough to schedule around that downtime! Also, if she is contemplating a future pregnancy, I would not recommend a tummy tuck at this time – as the abdominal muscles and skin can stretch out again. Regardless, she should be seen for an in-person consultation by a board-certified plastic surgeon to go through all of her options after a thorough exam.”

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