Botox May Have Another Use

Recent research suggests that Botox injected into the glabellar region of the forehead can affect mood and may alleviate depression. This discovery adds to a growing amount of evidence supporting the theory that facial expressions can affect mood. Using a rating scale for depression investigators found that the scores that measure depression had dropped on average 47.1% six weeks after treatment for those treated with Botox. Scores from those who received a placebo dropped only 9.2%. This discovery adds to the potential uses of a product that already has a wide range of applications from treating wrinkles to stopping underarm sweat. Last year Botox was approved to treat crow’s feet in adults making it the only FDA approved treatment for wrinkles in that area. Botox used for cosmetic purposes needs to be re-administered every three to six months to maintain results. This would likely also be the case if it were used as an adjunct to treat depression.

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