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Before You Get a Tattoo, Did You Know ….?
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Before You Get a Tattoo, Did You Know ….?

Many Americans have one or more tattoos on their bodies, for reasons only they may understand. When going for tattoos, people often overlook the many potential dangers of tattoos. Even in the cleanest of settings, infections may still occur, as seen by a recent streak of tattoo-related infections in the Rochester, NY, area. What exactly happened to these individuals? And could they have prevented this?

Nobody Thinks About the Ink

Roughly 3 weeks after receiving tattoos from a certain tattoo artist, 19 people ended up with a stubborn rash at the site of their tattoos. Biopsies taken from 17 of those people showed M. chelonae infections, which were traced back to an ink used by the tattoo artist. This discovery led to a manufacturer-wide recall of the ink in question. As for the infected individuals, they were successfully treated with antibiotics.

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