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Are Hereditary Allergies Gender-Specific?
Posted by Dr. Joshua Fox

Are Hereditary Allergies Gender-Specific?

Many people suffer from eczema, seasonal allergies, asthma, or other uncomfortable conditions as a result of genetics. Recent findings suggest that men are most likely to pass their allergies down to their sons, while women are most likely to pass their allergies to their daughters. Could there really be a correlation between gender and hereditary allergies?

Patients Observed for 10+ Years

To determine the gender-based heredity claim, a group of 1,456 individuals between the ages of birth and 18 were studied. Information was gathered on any underlying conditions and skin pricks were done at ages 4, 10, and 18. When categorized by gender, daughters were at a 90 percent higher risk of eczema or asthma if their mother had either of those conditions. On a similar note, sons were much more likely to have asthma or eczema if their fathers did.

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