Essential Steps for Beautiful Skin This Autumn

August 27th, 2015

During the autumn months the kids head back to school, the temperatures finally get down to a comfortable level, the leaves change—and so does your skin. Fall is a time of transformation throughout nature, says Joshua L. Fox, MD, founder and medical director of NY and NJ-based Advanced Dermatology PC, so it shouldn’t be a big surprise that we humans go through transitions of our own this time of year. And just as fall, and then winter, brings a variety of changes in the natural world, it’s also a mixed bag for our skin. Dr. Fox offers a rundown of some of the changes you can expect to see in your skin, plus tips on how to manage them.
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10 Tips to Manage Psoriasis and Eczema

August 18th, 2015

psoriasisAccording to dermatologists Dr. Joshua Fox and Dr. Robert Levine, psoriasis and eczema are painful. They make everyday actions uncomfortable and they carry a stigma that can lead to a loss of self-esteem, depression, and other health complications.

A shocking number of Americans have psoriasis and eczema—39 million adults and children—which is more than four times the population of New York City, the largest city in the US. According to dermatology specialists Dr. Joshua Fox and Dr. Robert Levine with Advanced Dermatology, PC, the seasonal change to cold, dry air creates difficulties for people dealing with these chronic skin disorders.
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Dirtier Thank You Think

August 13th, 2015

What is the one accessory the majority of people cannot live without? Their cell phone, of course! But did you know that your most prized possession harbors bacteria that can cause acne.

If you think about the amount of people and things we touch on a daily basis, it is quite easy to understand how your cell phone can attract the amount of bacteria it does. In essence whatever our hands touch our phones touch as well.

Your face comes into direct contact with bacteria when you press your cheek against it to answer or make a phone call. The sweat, oil, and bacteria that builds up on your phone screen all contribute to the creation of acne on your face, predominantly in your cheek area.

Making sure to clean both your hands and phone daily is extremely important in helping prevent acne. But if you find that the damage has already been done, seeking help from a dermatologist may be the best thing for you.

There are many treatments available through Advanced Dermatology P.C. that can help fight acne. Theraclear (formerly known as Acleara) treats acne using a light and vacuum treatment to unclog pores and kill acne causing bacteria. There are also products available to help treat acne, including moisturizers and washes.

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For more information on Theraclear (Acleara) click the following link: Acne Therapy and Treatment at Advanced Dermatology’s Simply Posh Aesthetic Spa


Coolsculpting: Inner and Outer Thighs

August 5th, 2015

thighYou may know that Coolsculpting can get rid of fat around your abdomen and love handles but did you know it also can get rid of bulges of fat on your inner and outer thighs? Using a particular treatment applicator that we have at Advanced Dermatology you can get thinner looking thighs and the slimmer profile you want with an easy and safe in-office treatment. Read the rest of this entry »



August 3rd, 2015


Miradry is a great treatment for anyone who wants to stop underarm sweating. Since the treatment has not been available for long we still get a lot of questions from patients about how it works. You can read some frequently asked questions here. You can also reach out to our cosmetic concierge at 1-855-793-2868 for more information. Read the rest of this entry »