Could Staying Away from the Sun Increase the Risk of Melanoma?

February 17th, 2017

Perhaps you’ve been told to slather on the sunblock and keep a safe distance from those ultraviolet rays to prevent skin cancer. Recent studies prove this information is incorrect and can actually increase our risk of melanoma. We know this may sound confusing, but allowing yourself more time outdoors is actually beneficial to your health, and here’s why.

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Can my skin really self-clean?! Ideal tips to washing your face and body.

February 13th, 2017

Spring is winking at us through the bleak, cold days of winter, but icy temperatures are still rattling in our bones. Winter’s breath leaves an indelible impression in the form of dry, itchy and reddened skin. In attempts to momentarily seek refuge from this chilling reminder, we immerse ourselves in tepid water and embrace solace in the form of long, hot showers. Though these brief escapes feel amazing, the chemicals which flow through our water supply wreak havoc on our sensitive skin. Luckily, our body remarkably withholds its own secret: the innate ability to cleanse itself. More »

Which Tattoo Colors can be Effectively Removed?

February 3rd, 2017

According to recent studies, twenty percent of adults who have tattoos regret getting the ink. Whether you’re ashamed of your tattoo or have simply outgrown the rebellious years of your youth, we have a solution for you. Advanced Dermatology specializes in laser tattoo removal, a safe and effective method which breaks down sections of pigment in your skin. Machinery relies on the delegation of wavelengths to target certain areas of coloration. This factor lends to the greater effectiveness of laser technology on specific tattoo colors as opposed to others.
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Myths and Truths Behind Facial Hair in Women

January 30th, 2017

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A smooth, ultimately hairless face goes a long way to promote your beauty and boost confidence levels. Unfortunately, sometimes mother nature has other ideas in mind which may add a little extra work to your daily routine. Over twenty million women purchase over the counter depilatory products annually, in an effort to remove the hairy situation from their lives once and for all. For women struggling with unwanted facial hair and unsatisfactory solutions, Advanced Dermatology has a few suggestions to help separate the truth from the lies. More »

Your Face Feels Oily? Here Is What You Can Do About It

January 16th, 2017


While being the owner of an oily complexion may feel like a curse, there is something you can do about it. We understand your dismay at not being able to reduce the amount of oil your pores produce, but for every problem there is a solution. Though it may be true oily skin is a lifelong battle, there are precautions and steps you can take along the way to keep the oil at bay. Advanced Dermatology has a few tips to help you feel more confident about yourself. More »