How soon is too soon for an anti-aging procedure? You may have heard the phrase “age is just a number” to describe a person who has youthful energy that doesn’t decrease as their age increases. When it comes to the skin as well, age is just a number, and there are many factors that contribute to the skin’s condition and health.


Skin is central to the experience of aging as it is the most visual and obvious sign of a person’s age. How your skin ages may be determined by both your genetics and environmental factors. Reduced physiological functioning of the skin occurs in middle age and the rate of skin aging is different for each person.

Many environmental factors contribute to skin aging and many can be controlled. Exposure to UV radiation (from the sun or indoor tanning beds), environmental pollution, and excess alcohol or tobacco abuse can all accelerate the aging of your skin. Increased body weight, which increases blood sugar levels, also can have a negative effect. Higher sugar levels may lead to a loss of elasticity in the skin due to destruction of collagen and elastin.

Overall it’s clear that chronological age is not the only determinant of how old you look. Environmental factors, personal lifestyle choices, dietary habits, and individual differences all have an impact on the appearance of the skin.


Some signs of aging can be reduced or eliminated with treatments performed by a dermatologist. It is important for anyone looking to have one of these treatments to remember that the aging process cannot be eliminated entirely. Expectations for an anti-aging treatment outcome should be a more youthful and energetic appearance not necessarily taking ten years off your face.

There are various nutritional supplements, topical treatments, and minimally invasive cosmetic treatments that be used to reduce the signs of aging or slow the aging process. Minimally invasive cosmetic treatments do not require downtime and since there is no surgery involved do not result in unsightly scars. There are fillers and other injectables like Botox, which reduces forehead wrinkles and can reduce other lines on the face, or Voluma, which fills in and reduces fine lines and wrinkles providing a smoother more even appearance to the skin.

Different treatments will be more or less effective depending on your unique situation so consulting an expert dermatologist is essential before making any decisions. You can schedule an appointment with one of Advanced Dermatology, P.C.’s board-certified dermatologists by visiting the link here: Contact Us. Advanced Dermatology, P.C. has 13 conveniently located offices in New York and New Jersey. Our offices are located and serve the surrounding areas of: Manhattan, Fresh Meadows, Bayside, Ossining, Briarcliff, Park Slope, Commack, East Setauket, Roslyn Heights, and West Islip in New York as well as Summit and Ridgewood, New Jersey.

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