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A Look at Broken Blood Vessels on the Face With Advanced Dermatology

Broken blood vessels are a common cosmetic concern for many individuals. 

At Advanced Dermatology, we understand the importance of feeling good in the skin you’re in, whether your skin condition poses a medical concern or not.

If you’re seeking to learn more about this condition or explore effective solutions, our goal is to empower you on your journey toward regaining both confidence and the clarity of your skin. 

Continue reading to learn about the causes and available treatments for broken blood vessels on the face, equipping you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your skin health.

What Are Broken Blood Vessels?

Broken blood vessels are visible and enlarged blood vessels appearing on the face and other body parts. They are delicate, red veins commonly located on the nose, chin, or cheeks. 

These vessels usually appear due to aging, pregnancy, childbirth, birth control pills, estrogen replacement therapy, sun damage, and rosacea.

Broken Blood Vessels on the Face vs. Vascular Lesions

Broken blood vessels on the face and vascular lesions are distinct skin conditions characterized by specific attributes and underlying causes. 

Broken blood vessels are visible tiny blood vessels near the skin’s surface, often resembling red or purple lines or clusters. These damaged blood vessels occur due to the expansion of small blood vessels caused by alterations in blood flow. Typically found on the cheeks, nose, and chin, broken blood vessels can appear anywhere on the face and may occasionally lead to symptoms such as mild discomfort or tingling.

In contrast, vascular lesions encompass broader skin irregularities, including birthmarks, hemangiomas, and port-wine stains. These lesions vary in appearance, ranging from flat patches to raised lumps, and can present as shades of red, pink, purple, or blue, depending on the type and depth of the affected blood vessels. 

The causes of vascular lesions are based on the specific type. For instance, birthmarks emerge at birth due to abnormal blood vessel development. Hemangiomas are benign blood vessel growths that develop during infancy, and port-wine stains result from blood vessel malformations. 

Similar to the location of broken blood vessels, vascular lesions can be anywhere on the body, including the face. Many are benign and asymptomatic, but some can induce pain, swelling, or other symptoms.

How To Get Rid of Broken Blood Vessels on the Face

Laser treatment is the most effective treatment for broken blood vessels on the nose and other areas of the face.

With this, the visible blood vessels are removed by light absorbed by the blood that destroys the vessel. After some time, the vessel disappears, restoring the skin’s natural appearance. 

Lasers allow quick treatment of broken blood vessels without damaging the surrounding skin. For maximum comfort, you may apply topical anesthesia or ice to the vessel before laser treatment. Lasers are safe, producing gradual results. 

Large veins may require multiple treatments for improvement. Small veins require a single treatment for complete repair. 

Laser treatment has very few side effects. Temporary discoloration of the affected skin may result from treatments. This discoloration can last anywhere from 5-14 days, depending on the location and size of the vessel being treated. Blistering, crusting, or skin redness may also occur but clear within a few days. 

After laser treatment, the use of sunscreen on the treated area is recommended for optimum results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Broken Blood Vessels on the Face 

How are broken blood vessels formed?

Broken blood vessels can form along the face and body for several reasons. Some patients may be genetically prone to experiencing them, while others develop them because of UV damage, weather changes, pregnancy, excessive smoking or drinking, or trauma to the skin.

How does laser treatment help for broken blood vessels on the eyelid, nose, or face?

Laser treatment is performed in the comfort of one of our New York or New Jersey offices. Using a handheld device, our specialists target any imperfections in the skin. The laser uses light to penetrate through the outer layers of the skin without destroying the top dermal layer. The treatment is safe and relatively non-invasive as it works entirely over the skin’s surface.

I have broken blood vessels on my face. Should I be concerned for my health?

Often, broken blood vessels on the face are no more than a visual imperfection that patients want removed for cosmetic reasons. They pose no medical harm and can be covered up by makeup. In some cases, although rare, broken blood vessels may be a sign of an underlying condition. 

The board-certified dermatologists and physician assistants at Advanced Dermatology will work with you directly to understand what is causing your broken blood vessels. With multiple locations in NY and NJ, you can make an appointment at the office most convenient to start receiving treatment and get recommendations for preventative measures.

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